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13 October, 2021

Atherton Hospital workers take stance against COVID jab

A NUMBER of Atherton nurses face losing their respective jobs in the coming weeks after taking a nation wide stance in their collective desire not to be forced to take the COVID jab to retain their positions with Queensland Health.

By Michael Warren

Health workers gathered outside the Atherton Hospital to voice their right about not getting the COVID vaccine.

Health workers in Atherton and Cairns rallied together outside their respective hospitals recently to firmly demonstrate their pro-choice liberty and right to remain unvaccinated against COVID. 

“These staff members are willing to give up long term careers rather than receive this,” a group spokesperson told The Express.

“They stand for freedom of choice and do not recognise the coercive techniques used in place of informed consent." 

Just days ago Queensland health workers including nurses received a mass email from Queensland Health Director- General Dr John Wakefield.

The email, obtained by The Express noted that from Friday October 1 all Queensland Health staff that work in or visit a facility where care is provided must have their first dose of COVID vaccine in accordance with Health Employment directive 12/21.

Mr Wakefield further went on to issue an ultimatum to Queensland Health staffers. 

“If you know you will not be compliant with the directive or HR policy you must inform your line manager by no later than 12.01am, Friday, October 1 including whether you have an exemption pending,” the email read. 

“If you are not compliant you have two choices from 12.01am Friday, October 1. 

“You can access your leave from October 1, 2021 or if you do attend your workplace, as well as having informed your supervisor or manager in writing you must wear a surgical mask in the workplace at all times … in accordance with any workplace requirements.

“Staff who remain unvaccinated after October 31, 2021 without an approved exemption will be considered as failing to comply with the directive or HR policy and may be subject to the public service commission directive 14/20 discipline and Queensland Health HR policy E10 discipline.”

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