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27 October, 2021

Cruisin' for Craig

MAREEBA father and son team Ron and Travis Cummings have put their hat in the ring to participate in the 2022 Autumn Shitbox Rally in memory of the late Craig Cummings.

Father son duo Ron and Travis Cummings are participating in the 2022 Autumn Shitbox Rally in memory of Ron’s late brother and Travis’s uncle Craig

Both Ron and Travis have been trying to get involved in the rally for years, raising money for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. 

Cancer is a disease that has affected the lives of nearly every Australian, either suffering through it themselves, a family member or loved one. 

Craig, Ron’s brother and Travis’s uncle, passed away 10 years ago on October 12 from bone cancer, one of five Cummings brothers in Mareeba.

“We are doing this rally in memory of Craig, we were quite close,” Ron said.

“I think it’s a good thing we are doing this rally and raising money for cancer research, more people should do it.

“Travis found out about it all and mentioned it and I just went yeah.” 

The duo set themselves a goal of $10,000 or better to raise for the rally and within just three weeks they have raised over $5000. 

Travis has spread the message of their mission across social media and has garnered nearly 150,000 views. 

“We definitely weren’t expecting that much attention from any of the social media platforms, so it’s been really good to see how much people have gotten behind and supported us,” he said. 

“The fundraising is really important but it’s also a fun adventure to do together.

"Craig would have loved to do something like this and he’s coming along with us.”

All teams participating in the rally have a budget of $1000 to find, purchase, register and do up a car to drive in the rally. 

Ron and Travis managed to secure a ford station wagon for just $100 from Nicks Mini Moves who even delivered the car for free from Mount Molloy.

There is still half a year left until the rally kicks off in May of 2022 where Ron and Travis will drive from Wollongong in NSW, through some of central Australia and finish at Mackay, a near 4000km, seven-day journey. 

Keep up to date on Ron and Travis’s journey through their Facebook page Cruisin’ for Craig where you can follow on with progress on the car, donate and follow the rally in 2022.

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