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27 June, 2020

Family pet recovers from gunshot wound

By Phil Brandel

A local family is breathing a sigh of relief as their beloved golden retriever is now expected to make a full recovery after being shot in Yungaburra last week.

On June 17 Kaydee Chatfield came home to discover her dogs had gone missing. After searching the local area few a few hours she discovered the dogs nearby, one of her dogs was fine, but her much loved golden retriever Marlee was laying in the middle of the road unable to move.

At first, Kaydee thought that Marlee had been hit by a car.

After taking Marlee to the vet, she was originally told that the leg was fractured but after an X-ray, the vet discovered that Marlee had been shot.

At the time Kaydee posted on Facebook” Someone shot my Marlee, someone stood, aimed and fired at my baby. She was wearing a collar, indicating that she is owned, loved and part of a family and her fate was not for you to decide.”

“She is a golden retriever for god's sake, and what’s worse is you didn’t even kill her you cruel bastard. You left her with a shattered leg, unable to walk on it and beyond repair.”

After the post went viral a go fund me page was set up to help pay for Marlee’s vet bill. At the time of printing $2900 had been raised.

Initially, Kaydee thought that Marlee’s leg would have to be amputated but after a second opinion, it was decided that the leg could be saved.

Marlee was picked up from the vet’s on Friday, June 26 and is now expected to make a full recovery.

Kaydee says “as long as Marlee doesn’t run around and stays quiet, she should make a full recovery”

“There is a plate in her leg but that will stay there even after the bone has healed."

(Left) the Xray of Marlee's leg and (Right) Marlee after leaving the vet's.

So far Kaydee's vet bills have come to $1200 for X-rays and $3500 for the operation.

The incident has been reported to the police and Kaydee says they've been questioning residents around Kulara Drive area in Yungaburra, so far with no success.

“We also have a $500 reward to be given to anyone no questions asked with any information leading to the whereabouts of this gutless coward,” Kaydee said

“We are just happy to have her home; it’s the best outcome for a horrible scenario. She hasn’t been put down, her leg doesn't have to be amputated, and people have helped us to pay the vet's bill, we couldn’t ask for anything more.”

To report information on a crime you can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

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