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4 September, 2020

Gillies Range tree frog mystery.

By Phil Brandel

Gillies Range tree frog mystery.

A mysterious rock with a painting of a green tree frog has had a makeover thanks to a mystery artist or artists.

Though not a lot is known about when the original tree frog was painted it’s believed that it was first painted over 25 years ago by artist or artists unknown and has had a few touch-ups over the years.

According to witnesses, it was recently painted in the middle of the night using ladders and rollers on long handles.

Other locals who have noticed the updated frog have also been asking what happened to the bikini tree near the bottom of the Gillies, which was a tree that had two largish bumps that mystery artist would paint a bikini onto.

It’s believed the bikini tree was destroyed in a fire in 2009.

On social media, locals have been commenting on other formations and paintings including the whale, the rock elephant and some red lips.

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