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17 February, 2021

Mayor Marti back after health scare

Tablelands Regional Council (TRC) Mayor Rod Marti was back at work this week after suffering a major health scare over the past few months.

By Phil Brandel

TRC Mayor Rod Marti was back at work last Monday after his recent health scare.

Tablelands regional Council (TRC) Mayor Rod Marti was back at work this week after suffering a major health scare over the past few months.

 At the November ordinary general meeting Cr Marti that he would be taking some leave over Christmas and January.

Last Monday Mr Marti returned to work after undergoing open heart surgery in December. 

“I was feeling tired and lethargic and breathless all the time, so in mid-October went to see my GP and he discovered that I had a heart murmur,” Mr Marti said.

“A heart murmur is where the heart is not pumping blood properly, it’s a leaking heart valve.”

On December 9, Cr Marti underwent open heart surgery in Brisbane to repair the valve and flew back home on December 21.

“It’s now been 9 weeks post-surgery and I’ve lost a fair bit of weight,” he said.

“The Doctor said if I ignored the symptoms and kept going, I would have only had about another three years left to live.

“We are so lucky to live in Australia, the service and healthcare I got from hospital staff was amazing.

“The Doctor has given me the all the clear to return to work as long as I’m feeling ok and as long as I manage my stress.”

Cr Marti said he had a health message for anyone suffering from similar symptoms.

“I would like to say to anyone who is suffering from the same symptoms, to go see their GP,” he said.

“Don’t just palm it off, I just kept thinking I was old and unfit. I could not understand why my fitness was getting worse even though I’m a regular bike rider.

“It’s because my heart as a pump was completely failing.

“The doctor said my heart will now see me out, instead I will be dying from something else, but it won’t be my heart,” Mr Marti said with a laugh. “I’m also not allowed to drive for another three weeks.”

Cr Marti said It was a convenient time to have the operation.

“Timing wise it worked out well because over Christmas council has a bit of down time, this week I’m being debriefed by the CEO, the Deputy Mayor and the councillors,” he said.

“The doctor said once I’ve recovered, I will be fitter and healthier than I was over the past 3 -4 years.

“I want to say thank you to Kev Cardew for standing up as Acting Mayor and thankyou to the councillors and the council staff who have covered for me over the past nine weeks.

“I appreciate all their help and I’m looking forward to building my health up over the next few weeks and getting back to fulltime work.”


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