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18 May, 2022

Meet your local Candidates for Kennedy - Federal Election 2022

The last word from your local Candidates for Kennedy before you vote.


What has prompted you to run as a candidate in this election?

People in Kennedy are telling me they are falling further and further behind. The cost of living has skyrocketed, bills have gone up, but wages have flatlined. 

I put my hand up because Anthony Albanese has a plan for a better future for our community. A plan that will ease the cost of living by reducing childcare, strengthening Medicare and creating secure well-paid jobs so you can plan for the future. 

If elected, what would your top priorities be for the Kennedy electorate? 

Affordable and accessible health care is so important to regional Queensland that's why my priority will be to get more GPs to work in the region. 

Fixing aged care is also so important to our community. Older Australians who built this country deserve dignity and respect, and for the workers that provide their care to be paid properly. Under Labor, we will fix the crisis in aged care by putting nurses back into nursing homes. 

And only an Albanese Labor Government will make childcare cheaper and more accessible so we can ease cost of living pressures on hard working families in Kennedy.

Candidate for Kennedy Jason Brandon - Labour Party

JEN SACKLEY Independent

What has prompted you to run as a candidate in this election? 

Being raised with a sense of fairness and equity whilst growing up in regional and remote areas of North Queensland It has become a great concern to myself that the people of a Kennedy have had little choice in many decisions that affect their lives. The lack of services and the indifference of the sitting politicians, coupled with years of stagnation and no real change in Kennedy, is the driving force for my entering the race. 

If elected, what would your top priorities be for the Kennedy electorate? 

Our democracy rest on Integrity, and so as an independent I am confident I can take the many economic and social issues Kennedy is faced with to every level, while not having to tow a party line. Having spent years at the table with many politicians it is very unsettling that some politicians are capable of acts that are so close to fraud. The integrity of parliament must be restored and the people’s trust be regained if we are to again operate as a truly democratic society.

Candidate for Kennedy, Jen Sackley - Independent.


What has prompted you to run as a candidate in this election? 

Our planet is literally cooking. We are in the middle of a housing crisis, a pandemic, an income inequality crisis and I worry about not only my children’s future, but also the future for all of us. Politicians currently in power only care about their own jobs and their donors. Lots of people are hurting, but nothing is done to make the system more equitable and fair. We need to talk about taxing the rich and cleaning up political donations. I’m running for the Greens because Kennedy voters deserve a representative who doesn’t take corporate money. We CAN have change in this country and give Australian people the things we all deserve, but to do that we need to put Greens in the balance of power to push the next government to do better on climate change and the cost of living.

If elected, what would your top priorities be for the Kennedy electorate? 

The Greens have a full suite of costed policies that will help the residents of Kennedy, but the ones that I think that will help the most are our housing and Medicare policies. The Greens want to build a million new affordable homes to clear public housing waiting lists, cap rents and make renting more secure. We also want to bring dental and mental health into Medicare. This will help so many people who are forgoing dental work or psychological help because they simply can’t afford it. The Greens will reinvest the private health rebate back into the public system so we can slash wait times and remove out of pocket costs. By taxing the billionaires and big corporations we can fund more public housing and expand Medicare, so that everyone has a roof over their head and can get the care they need when they need it.

Candidate for Kennedy, Jennifer Cox - The Greens

BOB KATTER Katter Australian Party

What has prompted you to run as a candidate in this election? 

Increasingly people can’t afford to live in Australia, ever since this new philosophy of Government being a spectator sport. The free market has skyrocketed the cost of food by 200 per cent, motor cars by 800 per cent, and houses by 600 per cent. In the same period, average weekly earnings and pensions have only gone up 140 per cent. Pensioners cannot afford to feed themselves, families should be getting more tax incentives, farmers two biggest cost input items are through the roof (fertiliser and freight), and a proper work for the dole program should be implemented. It is unfair to have able bodied people sitting on the couch, while others are out there working hard. Australians have been left hopelessly unprepared to defend themselves as the Chinese Communist Party moves further into the South Pacific. We need fuel and energy security, a missile fortress wall, and our young people must be trained how to use a rifle. 

If elected, what would your top priorities be for the Kennedy electorate? 

Legislation to provide sovereign fuel security (sugar cane made ethanol, waste-to-diesel plants, a ban on the export of oil (so we refine it) and Australian-made electric vehicles for metropolitan areas. Cost of living alleviation, including a $100 a week increase to the age pension (paid for by a 5 per cent charge on all imports which will benefit Australian industry), legalise income splitting for families to reduce income tax, a proper work for the dole program to address workforce shortages, and acreage subdivisions developed by the Fed Government to provide affordable housing. Also, $80,000 increase to regional doctors’ wages to attract more, and enforcement of universal service obligation on telecommunications providers. Infrastructure, including the Bridle Track Tunnel from Cairns to the Tablelands which means a 20-minute commute, and an increase of mining and agriculture in the Cape, Gulf and Tablelands. Finally, water security for farmers in Atherton and Mareeba, through building the North Johnstone Transfer. This maintains recreational activities on Tinaroo Dam.

Current member for Kennedy and Candidate for Kennedy, Bob Katter - Katter Australian Party

Bryce Macdonald LNP

What has prompted you to run as a candidate in this election? 

As I travel across the Kennedy Electorate and compare it with other Federal electorates, it is quite obvious that the Kennedy electorate has been left behind in the last 20 years. There has been poor representation from Kennedy in Canberra. That needs to change. It is my focus to turn up at every opportunity to represent the constituents at the highest level. In my working career, I have had 30 years’ experience at different levels in the transport industry, represented my community as a Deputy Mayor, represent the Sugar Industry as a farmer and Director of CANEGROWERS, run and own a business. The Kennedy electorate has lost sight of any future planning for roads, digital connectivity, expansion in the health services and tackling the cost of living. What Kennedy needs is someone to listen, promote and secure our future plans and work with leaders in our communities. 

If elected, what would your top priorities be for the Kennedy electorate? 

I have travelled, engaged and listened to the people of Kennedy during my campaign and I have five top priorities for Kennedy if I am elected. 1. Building better roads and highways to ensure that safety is a priority, enabling the agriculture, mining and tourism sector to expand. 2. Better access to quality health care, aged care and education for locals, investing in more local doctors and nurses. 3. Helping with the costs of living pressures that are burdened on us from living in the regions. Investing in the reinsurance pool to reduce premiums and investing in affordable housing. 4. Securing economic recovery by lowering taxes for families and businesses. Supporting agriculture, fisheries, mining and manufacturing industries for their fair share of reinvestment into infrastructure that they require to a secure future. 5. Protecting our lifestyle and environment by investing in our communities and community projects. Building better digital connectivity There is only one way to fight for these elements, and that is to be in Canberra at every opportunity.

Candidate for Kennedy, Bryce Macdonald - LNP

PETER CAMPION United Australian Party

What has prompted you to run as a candidate in this election? 

As a seasoned climate sceptic, I was monitoring China’s everyday emissions and our “worst ever!” bushfires’ emissions in January 2020. I saw China’s emissions plummet when their first covid lockdown began, before we heard of it here. However, China’s emissions quickly returned to normal – about when our governments went into tyrant mode. The emissions said China had shaken covid off by March 2020. All “news” from China is fake news – only raw data speaks truth. Nonetheless, our state ALP and federal LNP governments toed the WEF/WHO line, kicked our Constitution to the kerb, ignored the Universal Declaration of Human Rights we helped write, and stole our rights, our freedoms, our medical autonomy, and two years of our “old normal”. I realised that having been banned from eight daily newspapers for writing truth about covid, the only way I could fight for Australia was to stand for election. So, I did. 

If elected, what would your top priorities be for the Kennedy electorate? 

There is no point whatsoever in promising “x” million for this or “y” million for that if Australia is broke, in humungous debt, and under globalist control. Without the freedom and autonomy we used to have, we cannot return to our past prosperity. My first goal, once elected, is to be part of the UAP team that brings the tyrants of the last two years to justice and prevents any possibility of a repeat of the government overreach we’ve all experienced firsthand. Once that’s done, I’ll be working as part of the UAP team that returns our freedom and our prosperity. Our policies to ensure our rights are unassailable, cut tax, tap our abundant resources, reboot industry, and save Aussies from losing their homes due to spiking interest rates, will benefit regions like Kennedy most of all. This election isn’t about minor local issues, it’s about saving Australia from tyranny.

Candidate for Kennedy, Peter Campion - United Australian Party

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