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17 April, 2022

New Salami and Sausage Festa set for Mareeba

AN age-old European tradition of making salami and sausage will be celebrated in a new and exciting event for Mareeba later this year.

Antonella Stabile of Mareeba is excited for the fi rst Salami and Sausage Festa.

The Salami and Sausage Festa is part of the new Italian Festival to be held from 28 July to 7 August which features a host of events to be staged in Cairns and, now in Mareeba. 

Festival president Steve Cordenos said many families still carry on the ancient tradition of making salami and sausages during the winter months which often follow a “secret” family recipe. 

“There is an undeniable art to making salami and sausages,” Mr Cordenos said. 

“This method of curing meat is one the oldest, pre-dating ancient Rome. It’s original Latin name, Salumen, literally meant ‘combined salted meats’. 

“And, interestingly, it is one of the few ‘cooking’ processes that remains predominately in the domain of the male – maybe because of the very physical nature involved in some of the steps.” 

Historically, salami was popular throughout Southern, Eastern, and Central Europe. But today, many people associate salami with Italian cuisine, as it arrived on our shores during the post-WWII era with the new Italian immigrants. 

“In years gone by in Italy, one pig could feed an entire family. This could see them through the whole of winter as every part was used and nothing was thrown out,” Mr Cordenos said. 

“After this was all finished with, the families would get together to celebrate finishing their hard work and they would celebrate with music, dancing, wine and of course salami and sausages.” 

Mr Cordenos is excited the festival could bring this special tradition back to life through the Salami and Sausage Festa which will be held at the Mareeba International Club for the very first time on 7 August. 

The Festa will celebrate the ancient tradition but also showcase the best artisan in the region. 

“The event would not be complete if there isn’t a competition to decide whose salami and sausage is the best tasting,” he said. 

“So, for all you people who think yours is the best, now is your chance to enter this competition to prove your point!” 

There will be a panel of expert judges who will decide which is the best homemade salami and sausage in the show. There will be several awards with the expert judging panel rating each entry out of 20 in the areas of taste, aroma, density and colour. 

“I have no doubt some of Australia’s best artisan salami and sausage makers will be contesting to take out the prestigious awards on offer,” Mr Cordenos said. 

“People who attend the event will also get the opportunity to meet the families who are competing, and you never know – you may even learn some of their secrets,” he said. 

“But there is more to this event than just the competition. It is also a celebration of family, friends, tradition and of course, food. 

“This festa will bring people from all different backgrounds together.” 

There will be a homemade Italian lunch to savour provided by the Mareeba International Club with light background Italian music as entertainment. 

The club will undergo a total Italian makeover to showcase the Mareeba Salami and Sausage Festa. 

In the coming weeks, the cost of the event and how to secure tickets will be advised.

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