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24 April, 2020

OPINION: The paradigm has shifted.

Justin Timberlake made some comments that didn’t go down well with parents.

By Phil Brandel

The paradigm has shifted.

Last week pop singer Justin Timberlake made some comments that didn’t go down well with parents across the globe.

The entertainer appeared on American radio and said that while he and his wife Jessica Beil are doing fine during the coronavirus pandemic, they might need some space from their 5-year-old son Silas.

“We’re mostly commiserating over the fact that 24-hour parenting is just not human.”

The fall out was swift with tweets like,

“Hey @jtimberlake, cry me a fxxxing river about how you're stuck in a mansion and '24-hour parenting isn't human' While I'm working as a nurse, trying to spend time with my kids but hoping I don't contract this awful virus to spread to my family; you enjoy your life of leisure.”

Most comments followed the same thread, the paradigm has well and truly shifted during the current COVID-19 crisis.

Not that long ago, we were hearing regularly from vapid minds like the Kardashians/West and getting minute details on their every move.

Was anyone else sick of hearing that Meghan Markle was moving to Canada?

But now thanks to COVID-19 it seems like we have a new stable of stars who are rocketing up the charts. People whose words we hang off like every syllable is life or death…because it is.

People like Professor Brendan Murphy who is the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for the Australian Government and is the principal medical adviser to the Minister and Health.

People like Alison McMillan the Governments Chief Nurse and Midwife.

We have also started to pay a lot more attention to our Doctors, Nurses and Scientists.

How much more do you think teachers are worth, now that we are all staring down the barrel of five weeks of homeschooling.

In the scheme of things who is more important to your day to day life, Justin Beiber or the person who cleans and disinfects the trolleys and hand baskets at your local supermarket?

If there is another silver lining to the dark grey cloud that is COVID-19, it’s the suspension of reality TV shows like Married at first sight, Big Brother and any show that involves building and/or renovating.

Instead of daily updates on what these so-called celebrities are eating/buying/wearing/dating, we are now glued to daily updates on how we can keep our families safe.

But the biggest trophy for trying to remain relevant while the world moves on must go to the NRL.

The NRL has been weaving and ducking trying to get their 2020 season back on track, not for the sake of the fans, but for the sake of the sponsors, TV rights holders and club owners.

Who do you think should be paid more, The boof head bloke who can run, catch and kick a ball? Or the nurse who works 12 hours a day risking her life and the life of her family to take care of others?




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