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8 January, 2020

State of North Queensland one step closer

The move to get North Queensland to secede from the rest of Queensland has taken one small step forward

By Phil Brandel

The move to get North Queensland to secede from the rest of Queensland has taken one small step forward with the establishment of a new political party with plans for North Queensland to separate from the rest of Queensland as one of its main platforms.

The Central and North Queensland Party (CNQ) is a newly formed entity between Boot Brisbane in collaboration with the North Queensland State Alliance (formally the North Queensland State Party)

The new party is hoping to gain a few seats in the upcoming October state election, forcing politicians from both sides of politics to discuss North Queensland divorcing itself from the rest of Queensland.

In a statement released by Boot Brisbane explaining why they need to gain seats in state parliament “Only an election outcome that necessitates the formation of minority government can provide such an opportunity. A situation whereby minor parties …that are committed to and have policies in support of separation have the ‘balance of power’ will afford the only possibility of initiating the process.”

Bill Bates Co-ordinator and President of Boot Brisbane claims they have some big names supporting their plan including “George Christensen, Bob Katter, Rob Pyne, Senator Matt Canavan and Federal Member for Cairns Warren Entsch”

Bill says “it is hard to expect the state's parliament and decision-makers in Brisbane to focus on the northern parts of Queensland when the state's capital is 2700 km away from its northernmost point. Geographically, the distance from Brisbane to Sydney -- 900 km -- is one-third of the distance of Brisbane to Queensland's northern tip.”

While others like Pauline Hanson, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Michael Healy are against the idea.


[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

Video: Territorial History of Australia. Credit - Earthdirect

One of the biggest hurdles facing the new state believers is the lack of agreement as to where the new state should start. Boot Brisbane believes it should be just south of Bundaberg, Bob Katter believes that the tropic of Capricorn provides a natural border.

To date, the CNQ has submitted an application for incorporation to the Queensland Office of Fair Trading. To secure registration Electoral Commission of Queensland as a political party the CNQ must have a minimum of 500 paid-up members.

To register and join go to

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