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17 July, 2022

Technology improves movie experience

IT might be the oldest cinema in Australia, but Malanda’s Majestic Theatre can now deliver audiences an even better movie experience thanks to a new state-of-the-art laser projector and an upgraded multispeaker surround sound system.

Majestic Theatre manager Charmaine Rayner with the new laser projector.

The theatre has installed the very latest laser projection technology with a new NEC NC1402L Laser projector system, replacing the previous XENON powered digital projector, which provided excellent service for the past nine years. 

Cinema manager Charmaine Rayner said this effectively meant the Majestic Theatre was running the very latest type of projection system available on the world. 

“The new projector delivers a more crisper picture and better colour saturation which enhances the viewers cinema experience,” she said. 

“It also uses a lot less electricity which is an environmental and cost benefit. 

“At the same time, the multispeaker surround sound system was slightly upgraded to provide better overall sound quality. 

“In reality, the total cinema experience has been made better.” Ms Rayner said while the new projector was only about half the size of the previous projector, it provided a “much more powerful punch”. 

“In today's digital world, projectors – like computers – only have a limited life span of about 10 years,” she said. 

“Last year, in the midst of the Covid lockdowns, we were fortunate to receive some financial support from the Federal Government via Screen Australia. 

“So it was an opportune time to upgrade to the latest laser technology.” 

Ms Rayner said patronage at the theatre had been excellent since the lockdowns, the mandatory wearing of masks and vaccine mandates were removed. 

During that period, the cinema closed its doors due to the lack of patrons and the costs and manpower required to satisfy the mandates. 

“People are really supporting their local cinema and generally returning to cinema big time,” she said. 

“We are also seeing plenty of local and international visitors coming to experience this unique historical cinema.

“There are a lot of excellent movies around at the moment – we have also just finished a four-week run of the biggest movie worldwide, so far this year – ‘Top Gun Maverick’.”

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