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26 May, 2023

Local boutique coffee plantations serve it up at national conference

TWO regional coffee producers have just had the chance to promote their product at a national conference in Canberra and received excellent feedback about the quality of their coffee.

Coffee from the Chesterson plantation at Tinaroo had the chance to showcase their product at a national conference in Canberra
Coffee from the Chesterson plantation at Tinaroo had the chance to showcase their product at a national conference in Canberra

Boutique coffee plantations Crater Mountain Coffee, of Upper Barron, and Chesterson Coffee, of Tinaroo, both had the opportunity to showcase their coffee beans at the Primary Industry Education Foundation Australia (PIEFA) national conference held earlier this month.

A consistent queue of keen delegates at the onsite coffee cart, including seasoned coffee connoisseurs, praised the boutique suppliers for their freshly ground coffee with its robust flavours and premium blend.

PIEFA Conference 2023 is a prestigious event that brings together leading professionals, industry experts, and government officials from the primary industry and education sectors.

The conference showcased the latest in food and fibre education, emphasising the vast array of career opportunities in primary industries and the importance of engaging the next generation.

Highlighting Far North Queensland’s exceptional agricultural produce at national conferences, particularly in the southern states, is a priority for PIEFA director and Far North Agricultural Workforce manager Leanne Kruss.

“These national, large-scale events provide a boost to local and remote farm enterprises, encourages sustainable food systems, and raises awareness of our incredible industry, allowing corporate agriculture to deliver on their messaging and ‘walk the talk’,” she said.

Ms Kruss said Crater Mountain Coffee and Chesterson Coffee were recog-nised for their ethically and organically

grown coffee beans, cultivated in high-altitude environments that received abundant rainfall, cooler tropical cli-mates, and nutrient-rich soils.

These favourable conditions produced rich, flavourful coffees, appreciated by discerning coffee connoisseurs.

“We are delighted to have had the opportunity to showcase our coffee at a national event,” she said.

Crater Mountain Coffee owner Lucy Stocker said the chance to serve their coffee at the national conference was a golden opportunity.

“Our coffee is a labour of love, and building brand awareness and promoting direct-to-consumer is one of our biggest challenges,” she said.

“The opportunity for national exposure at the PIEFA event was incredible.” Chesterson Coffee owner Mike Chesterson agrees.

“Our coffee is a testament to the natural resources of this region, innovative organic farming practices, our commitment to sustainability, and the precision grinding of our beans to the right specifications, producing a smooth, rich, coffee with subtle chocolate notes,” he said.

“We are grateful to Leanne and PIEFA for this national opportunity.”


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