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Deadly students graduate

GRADUATION: Students at St Thomas’ School in Mareeba recently graduated from their Deadly Choices program, informing them about healthy decisions and their identity.

STUDENTS at St Thomas’ School in Mareeba recently graduated from their eight week Deadly Choices Program last Friday.

The program covers things like leadership, smoking, healthy relationships, healthy eating and exercise and helps the students understand these issues.

Normally done for high school students the program has been adapted to better include St Thomas’ and its students.

St Thomas’ Indigenous Liaison Officer Shannah Richards believes that this program not only informs the students around healthy choices but helps mould their identity.

“The program has really boosted the kid’s confidence because we have something just for them,” she said.

“The way that I see it is that it gives them their identity, they can really feel proud of who they are and showcase it.

“These kids were very open to the program and really engaged.”

The program is attendance based so the more the students are at school and engaging, the more they learn and get rewarded.

It is open to students from year 4 onwards with many of the older students encouraging their younger peers to get involved in the program.

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