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Ladies catch up for the cause

Local ladies are being encouraged to get together with their friends online for a ‘Girls’ Night In’ where the donations go straight to women’s cancer research

Queensland ladies are being encouraged to have a ‘Girls Night In’ where they get together and donate what they would normally spend on a night out to women’s cancer research.

Cancer Council Queensland is calling on women all across the state to get together through video chats and to donate money to support their women’s cancer research.

It is more important than ever to stay connected with friends in this current isolated lifestyle, and what better way to reconnect with your friends than to help support a cause that affects millions of Australians.

One in six women in Queensland will be diagnosed with breast or gynecological cancer by the age of 85, which includes mothers, sisters, daughters and friends.

Cancer Council Queensland CEO Chris McMillian said its time for Queenslanders to get together in support of those impacted by women’s cancers.

“By getting the girls together and donating what you’d normally spend on a night out, you will be supporting our vital research into women’s cancers, prevention programs and support services for those affected,” she said.

“It is also a great opportunity for women to get together, talk about their health and encourage each other to participate in regular check-ups and cancer screenings.

“Getting involved can be as simple as hosting a Girls’ Night In over video chat or through making a donation.”

To register to host a Girls’ Night In and for more information head to girlsnightin.com.au or for more information about Cancer Council Queensland head to cancerqld.org.au

With so many Australians affected by cancer every year, either directly or indirectly, a Girls’ Night In is the perfect chance for Queenslanders to support breast cancer research and prevention by donating while in isolation.

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