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Rangers recognised on World Ranger Day

RECOGNISED: Mareeba Management Unit Field Ranger Brittney Butler pictured at the beautiful Emerald Falls outside of Mareeba.

WORLD Ranger Day was celebrated last Friday and payed homage to the tireless work that our local rangers put into their work keeping our national parks healthy and safe every year.

Celebrated across the globe the day honours the courage, sacrifice and important work of rangers as they protect Australia’s natural heritage and preserve Earth’s biodiversity all at the risk of their own safety.

While World Ranger Day is to celebrate Rangers and the work they do, it is also to honour those Rangers killed or injured in the line of duty.

There are a plethora of national parks dotted around the area that are under the supervision and care of rangers with many of them holding popular swimming areas like Emerald Creek Falls and Davies Creek.

Brittney Butler has been a Field Ranger for over five years and currently works for the Mareeba Management Unit for Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Partnerships, she has expressed her love and passion for her job and the work she does.

“I enjoy the diverse work that we get to cover, working on the land is something that is important to me culturally,” she said.

“It is important to me to contribute to being a role model for the next up and coming Rangers to work on country for country.

“There is not a day that is the same; we are constantly making memories when working on Parks.”

Brittney started her Ranger career amongst the Limestone country of Chillagoe which is ranked to have some of the best caves in Australia; she then worked in areas dotted around the Cape and Gulf where she gained an appreciation for her own “best backyard”.

“Remote places in the Cape and Gulf are up there with my favourite places to work or visit,” she said.

“We really do have the best backyard and that is why it is so important to look after our country.

“World Ranger Day is a great day to just sit down and really have a good think about what is going on around us and recognise the work that is being done around the world, or better yet the work we are doing right here in our beautiful home of Far North Queensland.”

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