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30 January, 2023

Mabi projects complete at Wongabel

COMMUNITY tree plantings adjacent to Wongabel State Forest over two Saturdays in January have helped Barron Catchment Care finalise the delivery of three projects increasing the vegetation extend of the unique but critically endangered Mabi community with approximately two hectares.


Two of the projects were funded through the Queensland Government’s Community Sustainability Action Grant Program (Conservation and Community Climate Action Program), while one of the plantings was part of a project that received funding from the Australian Government’s Planting Trees for The Queen’s Jubilee Program, with a commemorative plaque placed at the site.

A community event was held in October to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee and raise community awareness around Mabi forest.

Barron Catchment Care engaged a contractor to do work on site preparation, sourcing, transporting and allocating the trees and doing maintenance for the plantings.

QPWS and Treat (Trees for Evelyn and Atherton Tablelands) provided further support with their contributions to initial site preparation, supply of trees and organising the community plantings.

“Whilst Barron Catchment Care might be mostly known for its projects in weed, pest, land and water management, it also has been working on many projects over the years aiming to restore and revegetate native vegetation on cleared and degraded land,” Barron Catchment Care chair Brian Down said.

“These projects contribute to our vision of maintaining and enhancing the economic, ecological, and cultural values of the Barron River Catchment.”

Community members interested in participating in future revegetation events can get in touch with Barron Catchment Care on and keep an eye out for the planting schedule on TREAT’s website and Facebook page.


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