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11 June, 2022

Mangrove Jacks back in Tinaroo

ANGLERS can expect to pull up one of Australia’s most sought-after fighting fish out of Lake Tinaroo as early as 2024 with the Tablelands Fish Stocking Society’s recent application to stock Mangrove Jack being approved.

Mangrove Jacks back in Tinaroo - feature photo

The society applied to have Mangrove Jack added to their existing stocking permit which already includes Barramundi and Sooty Grunter. 

In 2002-03 there were around 4800 Mangrove Jacks stocked in the lake through the Northern Fisheries permit - the new permit will allow up to 20,000 fingerlings to be stocked each year for three years. 

Society secretary Laurie Wright said the number of catchable Mangrove Jack in the lake will multiply after the first stocking. 

“It will progress very rapidly after that with the extra stockings each year,” he said. 

The society plan to begin their first stocking in March next year with fishers expected to start finding Mangrove Jack on the end of their lines towards the end of 2024.


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