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6 July, 2024

Mareeba community transport service launched

IN an attempt to address public transport concerns in Mareeba, the community centre has launched a new transportation service for people under 65 years of age who do not have access to a vehicle.

Mareeba community transport service launched - feature photo

The service comes after the centre received a community transport grant that allows them to assist eligible locals to get to places such as shops, the local library, and medical appointments around the region.

Awarded by the Department of Treaty, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, Communities and the Arts, the grant is valid until 2028 and stipulates that the funds must be utilised for community members aged up to 65. If passengers are aged under 18, a guardian will be required to accompany them. 

According to the Express Yourself survey held earlier this year, 43% of respondents nominated public transport as the number one thing they would like to see developed for this region. 

Operating on a case-by-case basis, Mareeba Community Centre operations coordinator Ashlee Wilkinson is heading the program and is happy it’s up and running.  

“We have known for a very long time that transport is difficult around here,” Ms Wilkinson said.

“It’s really exciting to be able to address that need.

“We’ve been doing our best under self-funded, under medical transport to address that, but having a particular program being funded by the department for that particular program is fantastic.”

The centre has a seven-seater van that will be driven by volunteer drivers and is actively seeking more. 

Drivers will need a blue card and can commit as much time as they are willing to do. 

The more drivers, the more consistent a schedule the centre will be able to create for in-town shopping, library runs and transport to and from community events. 

While this service excludes seniors, the Mareeba Community Centre offers a fortnightly seniors group to provide social opportunities and transport for the elderly in the community. 

“It is really about addressing the transport gap,” Ms Wilkinson said. 

All queries and sign-ups for the program can be made by contacting Ashlee Wilkinson via email at


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