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10 April, 2023

Mareeba girl charged over attempted arson

POLICE have charged a 13-year-old Mareeba girl with attempted arson among other offences after she, alongside two others, allegedly broke into St Thomas’s Primary School, smashed windows and lit a desk and two bins on fire.

Mareeba girl charged over attempted arson - feature photo

At about 10.30pm on Wednesday, 5 April, it is alleged the 13-year-old Mareeba girl, in company with two other youths, entered the Mareeba educational facility on Walsh Street.

It is alleged the youths smashed multiple windows and glass doors to gain entry, and once inside the room, threw paint around causing damage to the interior.

It is further alleged that one of the girls lit fire to a desk and two rubbish bins, causing smoke damage to the room.

The 13-year-old Mareeba girl is set to appear in the Mareeba Children’s Court and investigations are continuing in relation to the other two youths.

Meanwhile a 32-year-old Mareeba man was alleged clocked going 76km/h over the speed limit on a motorbike at 12pm on Wednesday, 5 April.

Police allege the man was travelling at 176km/h in an 100km/h zone at the time of the intercept.

He was issued with a traffic infringement notice for high end speeding of more than 40km/h over the limit and fined $1,653.

The infringement notice incurred eight demerit points and a six-month high-speed suspension.


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