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14 June, 2022

Mini news team covers big topics

LOCALS in “Moo-landa” may have noticed a team of little reporters in amongst the community, covering some of the town’s most important topics from school free dress days and barbeques to even a meteorite landing.

By Ellie Fink

Mini news team covers big topics - feature photo

Malanda State School’s authentic “Moo-landa News” launched pre-Covid as a way to showcase the connection between the primary school and the local community.

The crew is most well-known by their “meteorite landing” coverage, where they reported on the mysterious intergalactic rock landing on their school oval, attracting attention across the globe, with many mainstream media outlets believing it was real. 

The news crew is made up of two teams – the reporter crew and the technical crew, with both teams learning how to properly utilise reporting equipment and how to construct the perfect news report. 

The young reporters are chosen by an audition process and, if successful, are assigned different segments to report on. 

As well as video reporting, the team have branched out to radio and voiceover reporting for the local news station, “Malanda Moosic”, playing throughout English and James Streets. 

Moo-landa News reporter Kye Allen says being a part of the news team is exciting and he particularly enjoys taking on the role of sports reporter. 

“I put myself forward because I felt I was good at public speaking and saw previous segments. I also thought it was cool,” he said. 

“I am new to the reporting team and have just finished my first segment about Queensland Family Fun Day. 

I do enjoy the segments about sports days. 

“At this stage I am interested in public speaking as an announcer at sporting carnivals.” 

Technical crews are taught how to put together clips and independently create the final product of the news segment which is posted to the school’s Facebook page.

The news crew wants to thank Jillian Cockrem and Ross Robinson from the Malanda Chamber of Commerce who helped them put together Moolanda News.


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