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6 August, 2023

Museum pleads for volunteers

THE Herberton Mining Museum has put out an urgent call for volunteers, advising that without more people stepping up to help, the facility will have to close its doors on Sundays during August.

A Facebook post last week, urged locals to come on board and lend a hand to keep the museum fully open during the most popular time of the year for visitors.

“Well, dear Tablelanders, here at the Herberton Mining Museum our backs are against the wall. We are looking at having to close on Sundays through August,” it read.

“We have volunteers who are very ill, some who have simply gone on lovely long holidays, others who are not available for one reason or another, and this week we were very sad to lose another key member of our team.

“We are desperately short. “If you can help, please get in touch asap. We need you. Herberton needs you. Our Tablelands visitors need you. 

“We are right in our busiest season, we want our tourists to get the best possible experience while in Herberton and that includes a visit to the Mining Centre.

“It would be disastrous for us to have to close on weekends just when the Steam Train is running and Herberton is humming.”

The museum says people can volunteer for short periods and any help would be greatly appreciated.

“Please... if you can give us just one morning or afternoon a month, please get in touch. It's such great fun talking to people and telling them about our town, our Tablelands and our museum,” the post read.

“Every single volunteer makes a big, big difference.”

Anyone interested can approach the museum which is open from 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday.


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