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12 June, 2022

New film to help battle climate change

WITH climate action high on the national agenda and a top focus of the recent Federal election, a group of residents from the Malanda region have joined forces to bring national tour “Regenerating Australia” to Majestic Theatre later this month.

New film to help battle climate change - feature photo

The event on 18 June will feature a guest speaker and a 20-minute short film that shares a four-month interview project with a diverse group of Australians who spoke of their hopes and dreams for the country’s future. 

The film will explore regeneration, putting life at the centre of every action and decision, and bringing vitality and renewed growth to our communities and ecosystems. 

Through the screening of the film, the group aims to accelerate the transition to a regenerative economy which values First Nations' wisdom, unique natural environment and a sense of community. 

Organiser Miya Isherwood believes the movie event will help bring light to the inevitable future the world faces, and the journey people must take to ensure a cleaner future.

“Regenerating Australia is more than just a movie – it is an inspiring call to action for all of us who care about our community, our country, and the shared future we all face,” she said. 

“Watching this film prompts us to get involved in shaping the future of our region, however we can, and to take others on the journey with us. 

“Everyone is capable of helping to create the change we want and need to ensure our communities, our local economy, landscape and the ecosystems we all depend on continue to survive and thrive.” 

In hopes to help establish regenerating programs within communities, locals are invited to establish regenerative projects and bring to life a solution inspired by the film. 

The event will begin at 10am on 18 June at Majestic Theatre Malanda with a donation payment at the door.


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