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5 May, 2023

New hooning laws passed

PEOPLE who attend or film hooning events can now be charged under new laws introduced into Queensland.

New hooning laws passed - feature photo

The government has passed new laws that will make it an offence to be a spectator at a group hooning event, to organise or promote a group hooning event, or to film or photograph hooning to promote the illegal activity.

It will also be an offence to possess certain items used to facilitate group hooning events, for example, false number plates.

With the additional laws now passed by Parliament, Queensland has the most stringent anti-hooning framework in the nation.

“If you want to tear up our roads, we’ll tear up your car,” Police Minister Mark Ryan said.

“If you want to be a spectator at a hooning event, you will be breaking the law.

“If you promote a hooning event it will be an offence.

“If you behave in an anti-social manner and put the lives of others and yourself at risk you will be targeted relentlessly by police.

“Life is precious and too many lives are lost on our roads. Hooning will not be tolerated.”

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said dangerous driving and hooning-related behaviour not only endangered the lives of those behind the wheel, but they also put innocent members of the public at risk


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