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18 April, 2024

New project a new era for housing options

PAVING the way for future housing affordability and sustainability, a novel project looking to “revolutionise” the housing market is underway at Malanda.

PeoplePurposePlace founder Rowan Blizzard with investor Christine Doan at the site of the first home.
PeoplePurposePlace founder Rowan Blizzard with investor Christine Doan at the site of the first home.

PeoplePurposePlace has poured their first house slab in Malanda and, according to Rowan Blizzard, one of the duo of innovators who founded the project, it “was the most important slab poured in Far North Queensland this year”.

“Perhaps the most important one in our whole country. We are looking to revolutionise and invigorate part of the flagging housing market,” he said. 

His not-for-profit group is bringing their pilot project to life which, in the first instance, will see older women and essential workers provided with new options for housing.  

In a group-like setting, those in need of housing will go through coaching and workshopping together, forming a household and creating a space with like-minded people, and only then moving into mutual housing with a view to creating a home.

The goal is to enhance the lives of the people involved and nurture them positively at individual, group and societal levels. 

The initiative marks a significant step forward in addressing the escalating housing crisis. 

The group’s website describes them as “a group of professionals who have been working in the housing space for several decades”.

“From our individual perspectives of angel investor, builder, developer, town planner, accountant, co-housing researcher, building consultant, council administrator and building materials manufacturer, we have all reached the same conclusion that current housing is not serving the humans,” the website reads.

While the concept is the brainchild of Mr Blizzard and Darren Finlay, Atherton’s Christine Doan, who is well known for her community involvement over many decades, is the first investor to jump on board the project.

She said the Malanda project would allow the group to “have proof of concept”, with a view that if it could work in Malanda, it could work elsewhere in Australia.

“I had to be part of this and I had to do more than just be in it. I had to bring it to the Tablelands ASAP. It’s a new perspective on homes, not just on houses,” Ms Doan said.  

By looking at families in a new way, it provides a fascinating twist on purpose-built houses that become homes.  

PeoplePurposePlace sees the householders and their relationships as the most important factor in finding a common purpose and then building or renovating to suit the people and their purpose. 

To further their vision, PeoplePurposePlace held workshops in Malanda and Atherton, engaging the community in a dialogue about the future of housing and opening up new solutions for each participant’s future.  

If there is interest from Mareeba or elsewhere, workshops will be scheduled where the local interest is high. 

PeoplePurposePlace is pioneering a fresh approach to building and renovating homes.  With strict adherence to Tablelands Regional Council compliance, the project not only promises to enhance the architectural landscape but also to redefine what it is to create a home.  

Mr Blizzard has led the workshops to date and is training local volunteers to present future workshops. 

Based on decades of experience in the building industry, Mr Blizzard said it was time to change our thinking, increase affordability and start building homes to suit all of us.

“This project represents more than just housing - it’s a movement towards creating homes that are as diverse and dynamic as the people they shelter,” he said.

“By focusing on people and their purpose, PeoplePurposePlace is not just building houses, it’s creating homes and fostering communities.”

For those interested in learning more about this innovative approach to housing, participating in upcoming workshops, or organising a workshop, visit:, email  or call Rowan Blizzard on 0412 997 754.


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