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25 March, 2022

New road needs to be priority

ANOTHER two closures of the Kuranda Range Road last week due to an accident and tree falling over in wet weather has prompted the Katter Party’s MPs to demand both levels of government place the highest priority on building an alternate route from the northern Tablelands to the coast.

Photo | Dreamstime
Photo | Dreamstime

Calling the situation a “farce”, Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter said the highway was being closed multiple times a week while the State Labor Government and the Federal LNP Government sat on their hands. 

Mr Katter said recent comments made by Member for Cook Cynthia Lui that the Kuranda Range route was “one of the safest roads” were absolutely ridiculous. 

“Shane Knuth and I have been aggressively campaigning for more than two years now, for an alternate route called the Bridle Track Tunnel to be built,” he said. 

Mr Knuth said the time for talking was over and action was required by governments. 

“The Bridle Track Tunnel must be the highest priority of any road upgrade for North Queensland,” he said. 

“There’s 60,000 plus people living on the Tablelands, Gulf and Cape, and we have huge potential in agriculture and mining. But this will all be held back unless we get a new highway to Cairns.”


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