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21 August, 2022

New subdivision street names approved

STREET names for the new Yungaburra Waterfront Estate have been approved by Tablelands Regional Council, but they are not the ones the developer wanted.

New subdivision street names approved - feature photo

Developer Cairns Plywoods put forward a selection of names for four of the streets in the new subdivision, but council rejected the proposed names, citing the risk of confusion particularly in relation to emergency services. 

The existing roads in the subdivision are already named “Waterfront Terrace” and “Lakeview Close”, and the developer wanted to name four more streets with similar names – “Waterview Boulevard”, “Lakefront Court”, “Waterside Avenue” and “Lakefront Close”. 

They also put forward “Clearwater Avenue” as another alternative. However, officers had concerns these would cause confusion. 

“The developer is attempting to establish a road naming theme within the estate and whilst such themes are supported by council’s policy, the repeated use of the same, or similar words, in road names not only has the potential to cause confusion to road users but, more critically, may compromise the response timeframes of emergency services,” a report to council stated.

“In an estate with only six roads, if three road names were to start with ‘Water’ and the other three were to start with ‘Lake’, this would result in a considerable amount of confusion for infrequent visitors, postal services and, most importantly, emergency services.” 

Officers also noted that of the 12 road name preferences tabled by the developer, only one did not start with either the word “Lake” or “Water” which was “Clearwater Avenue”. 

They also noted that other towns in the region had streets with similar names. 

Although the developer only wanted council to approve two street names for now, Cr David Clifton was determined to get the four streets named and put forward “Lakefront Boulevard”, “Lakeshore Court”, “Clearwater Avenue”, and “Waterview Close” as the final choices. 

Council approved the new street names.


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