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18 July, 2020

New team to lead Kuranda marketing

At last week’s Mareeba Shire Council meeting, the council voted unanimously to award the tender to promote Kuranda to Bang Media in Cairns.

By Phil Brandel

New team to lead Kuranda marketing - feature photo

At last week’s ordinary Mareeba Shire Council (MSC) meeting, the council voted unanimously to award the tender to promote Kuranda to Bang Media in Cairns.

The tender was put out last month after MSC chose do disband Tourism Kuranda (TK) after local businesses decided not to continue paying a tourism levy to fund TK.

The new tender had 22 applicants with the tender being awarded to the Bang Media ahead of Forte Marketing and Pinnacle Tourism Marketing.

Council has awarded the tender at a cost to $59,081 which will see Kuranda advertised as a tourism destination to Queenslanders and interstate visitors for the next 12 months with the new contract uses the remaining funds left over from the TK levy.

After the meeting, MSC Mayor Angela Toppin said that they are very excited by this tender.

“We are very anxious to market Kuranda as quickly as possible, while Mareeba shire has weathered COVID quite well because of our agricultural industries, the tourism industry hasn’t.” Cr Toppin said.

“It has been a real worry that Kuranda was dead.

“Bang Media are well placed to market Kuranda and put it on centre stage to the rest of Australia.”

Mayor Toppin also said that council is very excited about some of the new initiatives to be rolled out over the next 12 months.  “We are very excited about some of the new projects that we have started in Kuranda like the Barron Falls walking trails, which are breathtaking.”

According to the MSC Website: “The proposal by Bang Media is a comprehensive 12-month digital marketing campaign with geo-fencing, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, social media promotion through Facebook and Instagram, production of new Kuranda content for promotion via TTNQ and other digital distribution channels. “

“It has the potential to build operator capacity and strategic alliances for future digital marketing by paying for up to 60 operators to list on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse and encourages the take-up of Local Tourism Organisation membership. The digital campaign offers good market reach, amplification of one consistent marketing message for Kuranda, the best leveraging opportunities and conversion of council's direct investment into advertising value equivalent.”

Creative Director of Bang Media Angelo Saliba said that it was a great win for his agency. “It’s something we are looking forward to and something that we are all very passionate about.”

“We have been in business for over 10 years and we have worked with Cairns Airport and TTNQ and local operators, I believe over time our work has spoken for itself. “

Bang Media will also be working in conjunction with TTNQ on the marketing of Kuranda. “The partnership with TTNQ is allowing us to contact their members, partners and some of their assets.”

At the council meeting, Councillor Lenore Wyatt said it was good that council was “getting bang for their buck.”

With Councillor Locky Bensted matching Cr Wyatts pun saying “it was bang on the money.”


Angelo Saliba from Bang Media in Cairns who have won the contract to market Kuranda to the rest of Australia.


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