10 June, 2024

NQ Games takes over Mareeba gymnasium

MORE than 360 gymnasts from across the north shined on the floor, the bars and the vaults for the NQ Games, which was hosted for the first time in Mareeba.

NQ Games takes over Mareeba gymnasium - feature photo

Attracting competitors and spectators from near and far, Mareeba Gymnastics hosted seven clubs from Townsville to Cairns for the three-day event at the Arthur Randolf Gymnasium. 

The local team also ranked third overall in the competition, while Atherton’s team Momentum came in fifth, and Malanda’s Gymnastics Club came seventh. 

Mareeba Gymnastics’ Beth Flemming said having such a large number of participants in the gymnasium was something the club was incredibly proud of and hoped to do again soon.

“The highlights were having 360 competitors from seven different clubs coming to Mareeba over the three days and seeing all the support that came with them,” she said. 

“The gymnasts really enjoyed themselves and supported each other throughout the competition.”

Momentum Gymnastics coach and general manager Cherie Mills said she was proud of her gymnasts and the effort they put in throughout each event. 

“We were very impressed with the whole event, and the girls’ hard work and dedication really paid off,” she said. 

“We preach team and supporting each other and encouraging each other no matter what and that really showed.

“The event was a huge credit to Mareeba Gymnastics and Kelly Tulloch (head coach) – they and their volunteers put on a magnificent event.”


Level 3 Under

1st Beam- Alannah Flynn (Team Momentum Atherton)

3rd Beam - Emily Price (Mareeba)

1st Floor – Scarlett Landsberg (Team Momentum Atherton)

Level 3 Open

2nd Vault - Ciarra Lacutone (Mareeba) 

3rd Vault – Elexis Tokarahi (Mareeba)

Level 4 Under

1st Vault, Bars and Floor , Beam 3rd Overall 1st - Matilda Lansberg (Team Momentum Atherton)

Vault and Beam 3rd, 2nd Bars, 3rd Overall - Paulina Rocca (Team Momentum Atherton)

Level 4 Open

3rd Vault and Bars, 2nd Beam, 1st Floor, 2nd overall - Lilly Johnson (Team Momentum Atherton)

3rd overall - Eden O'Brien (Team Momentum Atherton)

3rd beam - Alice Gillman (Mareeba)

3rd bars - Ava Tonkin (Mareeba)

1st floor - Ciarra Esposito (Mareeba)

Level 5 Under 

2nd bars, 3rd beam - Gabrielle Rohde (Team Momentum Atherton)

Level 5 Open

Vault and Bars 2nd, Beam, Floor and 1st Overall  - Tahlia Huth (Team Momentum Atherton)

3rd Floor - Lillia Joslin (Mareeba) 

2nd Bars - Gemma Read (Mareeba)

Level 6

2nd vault – Jessica Quintieri (Mareeba)

Level 7

3rd bars – Addyson Hampton (Mareeba)

Level 8

2nd bars, vault, beam and floor, 3rd overall – Angelina Tulloch (Mareeba)

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Results

Level 3

1st floor, 2nd high bar, 3rd rings and parallel bars, 1st overall – Oliver Nastasi (Mareeba)

1st pommel, 2nd parallel bars, 3rd floor and vault, 3rd overall – Flynn Posma (Mareeba)

1st vault, 3rd pommel – Kipp Fealy (Mareeba)

2nd vault – Darius Abbott (Mareeba)

Level 4 

1st floor and parallel bars, 2nd high bar, 3rd pommel and rings, 2nd overall – Bentley Posma (Mareeba)

1st vault – Drummond Eugster-Ward (Mareeba)

Level 5 

1st floor, pommel, high bar and vault, 2nd rings and parallel bars, 1st overall – Finnlay Ford (Mareeba)

1st parallel bars and rings, 2nd floor and high bar, 3rd pommel and vault, 2nd overall – Connor Bertuna (Mareeba)

1st pommel, 2nd vault, 3rd floor, rings, parallel bars and high bar, 2rd overall – Yannick Hensen (Mareeba)

Level 7

1st floor, pommel, rings ,vault, parallel bars and high bar, 1st overall – Andrew Hawthorn (Mareeba)

Level 8 

1st floor, pommel, rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar, 1st overall – Myles Dobbs-Brown (Mareeba)

Level 9

1st pommel and vault, 2nd rings, floor, parallel bars and high bar, 1st overall – Oliver Hampton (Mareeba)

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