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24 February, 2024

Officials deny croc sightings

DESPITE claims on social media of saltwater crocodile sightings in riverways around Mareeba and Bilwon, officials have said there have been no reports in the past three weeks.

Officials deny croc sightings - feature photo

A Facebook post reported three saltwater crocodiles spotted in the area, which the poster believes may be due to the floods. 

“One in Bilwon, which would indicate they’re now in the Barron River, which is not surprising with the recent floods,” the post read. 

However, a Department of Environment, Science and Innovation spokesperson said they had not received any reports of crocodiles in the area, but encouraged locals to report sightings when they do occur.

“We have not received any crocodile sighting reports in that time for the greater Mareeba region, including Bilwon,” a spokesperson said.

“People in Croc Country are urged to report all crocodile sightings in a timely manner, and wildlife officers investigate every sighting report.

“Crocodile sightings can be reported to DES by using the QWildlife app, submitting a sighting report via the DES website, or by calling 1300 130 372.”


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