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6 December, 2023

One of kind bar hits the right spot in Atherton

IN what was a bold move to revamp and revitalise a piece of Atherton’s history, Casey Clarke has hit the spot with Theo’s Bar.

One of kind bar hits the right spot in Atherton - feature photo

The former Atherton RSL Club, on Cook Street, has been transformed into a classy bar open three days a week.

It opened to the public on 18 November and Casey says it’s been a hit so far. 

“The opening night was really good. We were super busy,” Casey said. 

He says the bar wouldn’t have suited any other building in the town. 

“I do not think there is another suitable place in town for what we have created. This space has worked out really, really well,” he said.

While their opening night saw some creases that needed ironing out, Casey said they had worked out the best number of people to have inside at any one time. 

Theo’s Bar is licensed for 100 people but Casey said 80 was the perfect number for their staff and patrons.  

“Eighty is our sweet spot. Everyone on the night was really understanding, as it was our grand opening,” he explained. 

“It went really well and we got good reports back about the cocktails.” 

While the venue has undergone a complete change of use, it still remains a part of the Atherton main precinct. 

“Everyone was really impressed with the inside of the building. We have had a consistent flow of patrons ever since the opening,” Casey said. 

Having used more than 40 local tradespeople, there is a bit of everyone in the revamp. 

It was always their aim, from the beginning, to use as many local tradies as possible.

Casey said they’ve had a number of comments congratulating them on utilising locals, showcasing and stocking the products from the region and giving jobs to the community.

“It has been a part of their aim since day one to include as many local trades and products as possible,” he said.

“The trades, the wines, the fruit and veg, it’s all local. We source our lemons, oranges and other citrus from local farms, the staff too were always going to be locals.”

It doesn’t just stop with the produce and employees – they’re now providing cheese platters from Dee-Licious Atherton and will have regular musicians. 

Each week at Theo’s Bar they will have in-house music on Fridays, a DJ playing easy-listening music on Saturdays and Sundays will feature live acoustic sessions. 

They’re also collaborating with the brands they stock. 

Casey said they would host a “bar takeover” collaboration this Friday with Cairns-based Wolf Lane Distillery.

“They are really well known for their gin. They are coming up to jump behind the bar with us,” Casey said.

“We will do one with Wild River and Distil on the Hill, too,” he added.

The “classy casual” lounge has seen a number of patrons enjoy their offerings, with those aged between 25-35 making the most of the new social outlet. 

“We see some older people pop in on Sundays, just to come and chill out. There's young and old coming in,” he said.

Casey encouraged anyone to pop in and visit on their open days – Friday, Saturday and Sundays 12 noon-11pm.


Friendly faces front and centre at Theo’s Bar

IF you’ve stopped in for a drink at Theo’s Bar you might’ve recognised the faces that greet you. 

A number of local people make up the team at Theo’s and Casey Clarke couldn’t be more proud to employ those you see.

“It means a lot to be able to employ these locals and be able to put money back into the local economy, it’s giving wages to local staff,” he said. 

Follow along on their Facebook page to see staff profiles over the next few weeks. 

Employees Cubby, Tyisha and Ainsley are yet to be featured, but see below a quick Q&A with Lani and Trinity. 

There’ll also be a quick chat with DJ Zac who is well and truly part of the crew now, too. 

“Helping people with employment across the Atherton Tablelands, it’s pretty important to us,” Casey said.


LANI, THE LEADER – Lani is our fearless leader

TRINITY, THE COCKTAIL MASTER – Don’t be fooled by her elegance, Trinity is a master of cocktails as much as she can handle a building site


What would you do on a perfect day off?

Mum of three kids, nothing can beat a nice lunch with family & friends.

What’s your go to drink on a night out?

My go-to drink is a zipper cocktail, vodka chambord, soda. New favourite is a Clarkie’s dice from Theo’s.

What’s your process for turning a bad day into a good one?

Put on some good music and get out of the house - being grateful for the things I do have in my life.

Share the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

No task is beneath you. Don’t put yourself above anyone or anything; work hard in silence and let success make the noise.

What’s your hidden talent?

I am very creative and love to do crafts. 

What would you do on a perfect day off?

Ideally, I’d have some drinks beside a pool on a sunny day with my partner and dog. 

What is your go-to drink?

I love my Pina Coladas… Although, my new go-to drink would have to be the Horny Rose from Theo’s Bar.

What is your process for turning a bad day into a good one?

I remind myself that it’s a bad day and not a bad life. I can’t change what happened but I can change my mindset.

Can you tell us the best advice someone has given you that still resonates today?

Orange juice in the morning always tastes better with champagne in it” 

What is your hidden talent?

I can juggle, and I can chug a beer underwater…not at the same time.

barr-four.JPG barr-five.JPG barr-three.JPG

Local brands showcase the region

STOCKING as many local brands as possible was always at the top of owner Casey Clarke’s priority list. 

While the shelves are adorned with spirits – gin, vodka, whisky and more – from around the world, as well as beers and wine, it’s the local brands that shine bright. 

With 14 signature cocktails on the menu, Casey said there was something for everyone to enjoy. 

You’ll find products from Mt Uncle Distillery, Wild River Distillery, Strawberry Wine from Shaylee Strawberries and Wolf Lane Distillery from Cairns. 

Casey said it was important to him to stock these local brands. 

“It shows off what the region has to offer and what better way to do that than here, at Theo’s Bar,” he said. 

The range of cocktails reflects the range of drinks on offer at Theo’s Bar. 

Using local brands as well as local produce where possible, Theo’s Bar truly showcases the Tablelands region. 

Fresh fruit, dried condiments, you name it, it’s local. 

“We wanted to bring a range of cocktails to the bar that really encompass what the region is all about; fresh, fun and vibrance, I think we have achieved that,” Casey said.

While the cocktail list might be long, patrons can also enjoy a simple gin and tonic, vodka and soda - whatever they might fancy. 

“It’s great to see everyone out and enjoying what we have to offer here at Theo’s Bar.” 

There will always be a set list of cocktails but they’ll also have additional specials available, too - like a festive drink in the lead up to Christmas.

On collaboration nights, the bar takeover business will have a range of their own cocktails, as well as the usuals on offer. 

“There will always be something new,” Casey promised.

But it's not just cocktails, they have a range of mocktails, gin and tonics, rum and coke, wines, low-alcohol ranges and non-alcoholic options as well. 

“On a busy night we can pump out just as many G&Ts, rum and cokes as we do cocktails,” Casey said.

Theo’s Bar

Open Friday, Saturday and Sundays

   12noon - 11pm

1 Cook Street, Atherton

House music on Fridays

DJ Zac on Saturdays

Live acoustic on Sundays

14 signature cocktails

Local brands 

Cheese platters

Dress code: classy casual



Phone: 0457 074 326


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