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9 June, 2024

“Our purpose here at Shanty Creek is to inspire”

RECONCILIATION was the focus of a special ceremony held at Shanty Creek rehabilitation centre recently.

“Our purpose here at Shanty Creek is to inspire”
“Our purpose here at Shanty Creek is to inspire”

Attendees enjoyed an inviting afternoon of music, speeches, traditionally cooked food, and camaraderie at the event. 

Shanty Creek is a residential community and rehabilitation centre dedicated to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in overcoming substance abuse. The community supports residents through their recovery by offering a 12-week program of individualised support and offers transitional housing for graduates. 

The program consists of meditation, assistance enrolling in basic services, and building a shared community amongst other services.  

Team leader Renee Dwyer was on site to support and said the event was focused on sharing their bit of paradise with the community.  

“Our purpose here at Shanty Creek is to inspire,” Renee said.

“We want people to live their life well. That’s us, that’s our residents, and our community. Our unwavering belief is that with the right support people can change.” 

Meeting new residents, folks that have gone from resident to employees, family members and staff, the inviting atmosphere the Shanty Creek community has to offer is nothing short of special. 

The event opened with a traditional land acknowledgement and smoking ceremony, and was emceed by former resident and current community member Monwell Levi.  

“Being here at Shanty Creek, this place provides education, hope, and healing to overcome those very demons we battle on a daily basis,” he said. 

Monwell has since joined the Black Dog Institute through the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Lived Experience Centre and moved into transitional housing in Cairns where he is working on starting his own business.

“We must really listen to and amplify the voices of our First Nations Australians. We must work together to address the disparities in health, education and economic opportunities, we must celebrate our differences and we must share together in humanity,” Renee said.  


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