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19 March, 2023

Perfect season to declutter your home

NO matter how hard you try, things can get a bit out of hand in our homes and there comes a time to declutter and sort it out – and reap the benefits at the same time.


For some reason, we get an emotional attachment to some items, some just have a sentimental value, and others have just been put in that cupboard somewhere – or should we call it the “too hard basket” and we’ll worry about it later.

It can start to look like a mountain to climb but there are ways to make the task much easier and here’s some tips to get you started:

Start gently – Just allocate 10 minutes a day when you tackle some of the clutter. Select one area of the house at a time, not many different spaces.

Think about what you can give away – it’s the old adage that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Ask your work colleagues, family and friends if they need or want some of the things you want to be rid of.

Donate where you can – 

There are many organisations that would love some of the things that are cluttering your house. And clothing and linen as well. Check out some of the places around Mareeba and on the Tablelands such as animal welfare groups and social agencies.

Sort into boxes – 

Get a hold of three big boxes and label them: Rub-bish, Donate, Keep. Start in the area you have identified and place each item in the relevant box. It’s okay to change your mind later, but this is great way to start tackling the problem. You will prob-ably be surprised to find little treasures you forgot you had.

Document your successes – 

Take photos of the space you’re going to de-clutter before and then after the deed is done. It’s a great way to feel rewarded for your efforts and spurs you on to do more.

Make it fun, invite others – 

Get some help from your family and fiends but you can make it a fun event with a few nibbles and drinks and music always keeps everyone moving. They will most likely end up taking some of those items you don’t want back to their home!

Get some money back – 

when you have enough items gathered, perhaps a garage sale might be in order. Again, you’ll be surprised what people chase at garage sales and a few dollars in your pocket won’t hurt.

Whatever way you look at it, there are many benefits to decluttering your home and yard.

Less items means less to clean; you will now be able to locate an item you’re looking for because you now know where it’s properly stored; you will no longer have to sit and look at the mess which ultimately causes stress; and you will most likely have sold some items so that’s a bit of money to spend on something you really want.

When the job is done, a great feeling of relief will flood over you and will be proud of your efforts, as others will also be.




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