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17 September, 2022

Pet shop on the move to avoid main street crime

AFTER several months of being targeted by juvenile criminals, Mareeba’s pet shop, Fantasy Tails, has been forced to move to the new industrial estate after threats were made against their animals.

Pet shop on the move to avoid main street crime - feature photo

Owners Zachary Kroonenburg and Jared Yates were driving down Byrnes Street recently when they came upon a group of youths who allegedly began to yell abuse towards them. 

The business duo had already been contemplating moving out of town after being the victim of countless break ins at their shop, and this incident was the final straw. 

“(Recently) we were driving through Mareeba and the kids were threatening to come into our shop and literally eat our animals,” Mr Kroonenburg said.

“These kids are so messed up and for the animals’ sake, I think it is going to be safer to unfortunately move out of Byrnes Street.

“It is not the direction we wanted to take, and we actually had bigger and better plans to move to an 800 sq m shop, but I think that would make us a bigger target in town. Our animal’s safety is our top priority.”

Over the next four weeks, they will begin the transition to the Mareeba industrial area and have begun implementing new business ideas to make sure people in town can still get the stock they need. 

Mr Kroonenburg and Mr Yates plan to do free deliveries and continue to keep their website running for those who cannot travel out of town. 

Although sad to be leaving their main street store, they believe the move will truly benefit their business, the safety of their animals and their mental wellbeing.

“It has been getting hard on us mentally. We had seven attempted break ins in a matter of two weeks, and we would be up all night because of it,” Mr Yates said. 

“So, we are feeling good about moving out of town and we are really going to get the delivery service up and running and our online store out there.” 

The staff at Fantasy Tails also extends their appreciation to those who have supported them during these uncertain times.


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