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9 April, 2022

Police ask for patience as turbines begin journey

POLICE are pleading with motorists to be patient as components for the Kaban wind farm are transported from the Cairns wharf to the site near Ravenshoe.

Police ask for patience as turbines begin journey - feature photo

The deliveries are now in full swing, meaning trucks will be transporting the over-sized loads from Cairns to the Tablelands via the Palmerston Highway every day except Sundays. 

The loads vary in departure times from Cairns and are staggered between 2.30-3am and 3.30-4am. 

The earlier loads tend to be tower sections, engines and power trains, whereas the 4am departures are the blades. 

It usually takes approximately 90 minutes to get to the intersection of the Bruce Highway and Palmerston Highway. 

The heavier the load, the longer it takes to get to the Palmerston Highway, however loads are usually at their destination between 8-10am, all going well. 

If motorists see a pilot or police escort vehicle approach, they need to slow down immediately and work out where they can safely pull over to the side of the road and wait for the over-sized vehicle to pass. 

The distance from the first pilot to the oversize load will vary according to the circumstances, but is unlikely to be more than 2km. 

If motorists come up behind an oversized load under escort, police say to be patient, as the load is not allowed to exceed the prevailing speed limit or 80 km/h, whichever is lower. 

Escorted oversize loads will move out of the way from time to time, when safe, to allow following traffic to pass. 

Motorists should not try to overtake the load until an indication to do so is given by the pilot.


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