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3 August, 2023

Program fosters good life choices

Last week, students at Mareeba State High School welcomed racing car driver and business leader, Andrew Fisher from the Life Choices Foundation Program.

Program fosters good life choices - feature photo

 Beyond his accomplishments on the racetrack, Mr Fisher's inspiring journey to find fulfilment and his commitment to helping others took centre stage as he spoke with Year 10 students.

During his visit to Mareeba High, Mr Fisher addressed issues that resonate with today's youth, including addiction, social media, relationships, road safety, values, and beliefs. 

Drawing from his own life experiences, he spoke candidly about the tough decisions he had to make and related them to the “courageous decisions” that lie ahead for the students. 

Through humour and engaging anecdotes, he established a strong connection with the young audience, delivering a powerful message of hope and empowerment.

One of the highlights of Fisher's visit was the presence of a replica race car from his team, capturing the students' imaginations and giving them a tangible glimpse into the world of motorsport. 

Mr Fisher’s career transcends the boundaries of a typical racing car driver. 

With a proven track record in the business world, where he provided strategic advice to numerous companies and successfully led a public company to profitability as its CEO, Mr Fisher seemed to have it all. 

However, the higher he climbed professionally, the more he felt a void in his personal life, pushing him to seek a new sense of purpose.

In 2007, Mr Fisher decided to establish the Jesus Racing Team, catapulting him into the high-octane world of Australian Motorsport, including competing in prestigious events such as V8 Supercars. 

Despite his achievements in racing, he still longed for a more profound connection with others and a way to make a positive impact on the community and the Life Choices Program was born. 

The combination of real-life experiences, practical advice, and the excitement of seeing a racing car up close left a lasting impression on the Year 10 students.


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