30 January, 2024

Roll on it for some good derby fun

WHAT used to be viewed as an “aggressive” sport has now gained popularity among families in Atherton.

Roll on it for some good derby fun - feature photo

Roller derby has taken off among parent and teen duos, and for Tableland Roller Derby League president Jennifer Cox, this trend brings a fresh perspective to what once was a female 18+ sport. 

“It has a more family vibe than the old days, with the discos and adding juniors we have more help running the league and it is just a lot more fun. 

“Recruiting last year, we had two sets of women join with their teenage daughters; we then realised we had a second lot of pairs. 

“Women joining with their friend and her daughter. We had eight pairs, including a mum and son and a non-skating dad who is club secretary and skating daughter.

“No league in Australia is so lucky. It is great having the parent and kid in training; we have two new tracks now, so we can train juniors and parents at the same time. 

“We have had to tone down some of the more rude derby names and terms, though!”

Every third Friday, the Tableland Roller Derby League holds themed Roller Discos, the first starting in February. 

The event is a hit with teenagers and adults and regularly hosts up to 100 people, sometimes more. 

The discos have been going on for almost 10 years and have been key to the league's success and longevity. 

“As long as we have the discos, we will be alright. They keep us going financially, but we just love seeing people enjoying skating, and we are happy to give kids something active to do,” Jennifer said. 

“Adults like to travel back in time, too, and occasionally, we can donate money to local organisations.”

The league has also donated profits made from discos to community groups, with Jennifer donating their whole takings from their “Real Heros” disco in April to Better Together Community Support.

“We just want to support the community that supports us,” she said.

Roller Discos are on most third Fridays from 6pm. 

Tableland Roller Derby League are also having a free open day on 11 February at 2pm.  For more information visit Tableland Roller Derby League’s Facebook page


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