1 July, 2024

Roosters fall to Maidens

A LACK of players on the field was the downfall of the Atherton Roosters Senior Women’s team on the weekend, with the Ivanhoes Maidens taking them down 26-10.

Roosters Lilley Caulfield playing against Ivanhoes on the weekend.
Roosters Lilley Caulfield playing against Ivanhoes on the weekend.

With many of the players out due to sickness, the team struggled to pull together and were only able to cross the try line twice. 

Ivanhoes was up 8-4 at the break, and coach Paul Stephens said they just weren’t able to keep the ball in their hands. 

“We were prepared for them, but being down on troops doesn’t help, but it is not the end of our season,” he said. 

“We are still sitting second on the ladder, and we can’t be moved, so that is where we will finish.”

Paige Groves and Kimberly Bryant both stood out as the Roosters' best players during the game. They took possession of the ball and crossed the try line while Aleysha Genge scored a conversion. 

There are now two games left of the FNQRL Women’s regular season, with the Roosters sitting comfortably in second place with 18 points. 

The Kangaroos are currently sitting in first place with 26 points, and Ivanhoe is in third with 13 points. 

This Saturday, the Roosters will take on the Kangaroos from 12.35pm at Barlow Park. 


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