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7 March, 2024

Rural Ambassador contest to take centre stage at show

THREE previous winners of the Rural Ambassador program are encouraging young Tablelanders to participate in the Malanda Show’s revamped Rural Ambassador competition being held in conjunction with this year’s event.

By Brigitte Daley

Rural Ambassador contest to take centre stage at show - feature photo

Anthony Ball achieved victory at state level, Rikki Payne won at the sub chamber (regional) level, and Catherine English showcased her passion and dedication to win and become the Malanda Show Junior Rural Ambassador at the local level.

NQ Sub Chamber of Agricultural Societies secretary Catherine English said the aim of the Rural Ambassador competition was to acknowledge upcoming young leaders who made valuable contributions to their community, the agricultural show movement and rural and primary industries.

“The Queensland Rural Ambassador Awards are the preeminent rural and agricultural leadership program for men and women aged between 20-30 years of age with the Junior Rural Ambassador being open to individuals who are between 15-19 years of age,” Catherine said.

“The competition has been conducted by Queensland Ag Shows since 2003.

“This is the second Rural and Junior Rural Ambassador competition hosted by the Malanda Show Society.

“There are four levels to the Rural Ambassador Awards - local, sub chamber (regional), state and national.

“The winner of the Malanda Show Rural Ambassador competition will have the opportunity to represent the Malanda Show at the North Queensland Sub Chamber Finals in 2025.”

In 2015, Anthony Ball became the first ever person from North Queensland to win the Queensland Rural Ambassador title.

He started showing dairy cows when he was just nine years old and then fell in love with the show movement.

“The more I learnt about it, the more I fell in love with it,” Anthony said.

“I felt that taking part in the Rural Ambassador competition was a valuable way to show my support for the region and the show movement.”

Anthony said participating in the Rural Ambassador program proved to be immensely rewarding for him.

“I was lucky enough to win at state level,” he said.

“I met new people, had the opportunity to attend a lot of different shows and travelled extensively, all of which I really enjoyed.

“I would recommend it to anyone.”

Rikki Payne became the first ever Malanda Show Rural Ambassador in 2022.

She then went on to win the title of 2023 North Queensland Rural Ambassador and subsequently represented the NQ Sub Chamber at the state awards hosted at the Brisbane Exhibition last year.

“This competition inspired me to showcase our beautiful show and to encourage the younger generation to participate both in it and in our local show,” Rikki said.

“I believe that agricultural shows do a lot for our community and that these shows represent our agricultural industries and are the backbone of our communities.

“As a Rural Ambassador, I saw the opportunity to advocate for the importance of rural areas and the agricultural sector.

“I’m proud and honoured to have come this far.

“The feeling I got when I won the 2023 North Queensland Rural Ambassador was fantastic!”

Being the inaugural Malanda Show Junior Rural Ambassador in 2022, Catherine English said participating in the competition provided her with valuable networking opportunities and personal growth.

“I also gained confidence in public speaking and leadership skills,” she said.

She encourages interested people to definitely enter.

“People should enter the Malanda Show Rural Ambassador competition to connect with their local community and promote rural values,” Catherine said.

“I entered because I wanted to contribute to the community, showcase my skills and passion for rural life, engage with like-minded individuals and give back to the Malanda Show, which plays a vital role in celebrating the achievements and heritage of our region.

“Additionally, being a Rural Ambassador allows you to actively support and promote the agricultural and rural industries that are integral to the Malanda community's identity and livelihood.

“By participating, individuals can contribute to the success and sustainability of the show, ensuring its continuation for future generations to enjoy.

Applications close 28 April 2024. For further information contact, Malanda Show Society on 4096 5349 or visit the Malanda Show Facebook page.


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