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19 November, 2022

School winners in TRC grant changes

SCHOOL, parent and citizen committees will now be able to apply for a grant from Tablelands Regional Council after its policy guiding grant applications was broadened to include the groups.

School winners in TRC grant changes - feature photo

P&Cs were only able to get in-kind assistance from the council or a remittance of fees under the previous policy but now they will be able to get grants of up to $1000 for activities or events that have a demonstrated clear community benefit beyond that of the school.

In the last financial year, council’s Community Grant Program handed out $61,500 of grants to 61 not-for-profit community groups and 41 to youth.

A total of 110 grant applications were received and assessed, with 102 approved.

The highest number of applications were received by community groups seeking support to increase their capability and support to volunteers, while there was a 20 per cent increase in applications for Youth Achievement grants or bursary applications from the previous year.


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