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16 February, 2024

Search is on for rodeo queens

MOMENTUM is building for the 2024 Mt Garnet Rodeo and organisers are calling for all queen entrants to step forward now.

Last year’s Mt Garnet Rodeo queens – organisers are looking for entrants now for the 2024 event.
Last year’s Mt Garnet Rodeo queens – organisers are looking for entrants now for the 2024 event.

Queens competition coordinator Annie Berg said this year was the third they had included the event in their program. 

“It’s really important that the rodeo is represented by a queen throughout the year,” Annie said.

The queens will be required to assist with fundraising, be part of the crowd, have an interview and help on the day of the rodeo. 

The eventual winner will represent the committee and community for the next year - putting Mt Garnet on the map. 

Entrants will be judged on their presentation, how they are dressed and how they conduct themselves, their participation and generally how they get involved the day. 

With unknown judges hiding in plain sight, entrants will be evaluated as they assist at the rodeo handing out platters and mingling with the crowd. 

“That essentially lets the public meet our entrance and gives the judges a chance to see them,” Annie said. 

There will also be a horsemanship skills test.

“It's a really simple course in the arena. They do not have to be an amazing horse woman, but knowing how to handle a situation and how you handle that is a reflection of how you handle anything in life,” Annie said. 

Queens should be aged between 18 and 30, as per the Australian Bushmen’s Campdraft and Rodeo Association (ABCRA) rules and come from the North Queensland District.

“Hopefully we can get some girls together and we're hoping to see it gain more momentum. I think it is really important for the girls to have that opportunity to represent the rodeo and it's a fantastic thing for us to have someone represent the Mt Garnet Rodeo.”

Annie said to have a representative was a good reminder for the community throughout the year. 

“The opportunity that it gives the girls and the organisation and what it does for the community as well - it's nice to give back and be involved on a different level,” she said.

Entries for the queen's quest close on 15 March. 

Mt Garnet Rodeo will be held on 5 May at the LD Lucey Memorial Park, Kennedy Highway, Mt Garnet. For more information visit: or email Annie at


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