10 October, 2023

Season’s finest ready for 2024

A TRUE Gladiator on the field, Caleb Dally stood out among the crowd last season, earning him Player of the Year at this year’s Mareeba Senior Rugby League presentations.

Season’s finest ready for 2024 - feature photo

This is the second year Dally has secured the top award, showcasing his unwavering passion and dedication to the team on and off the field.

Playing with the Mareeba Gladiators for the majority of his career, Dally stepped onto the footy field at 16 years old and has never left.

Quickly bonding with the sport and his teammates, the field was where he found happiness. 

A true leader, Dally took on the captain role last season with a goal to support and push his team forward, ultimately securing a spot in the semi-finals against Cairns Brothers.

Although they fell to the Brothers 52-12, they made their team and their supporters proud, with Dally leading them every step of the way.

Dally stepped up to the challenge during the semi-final game, scoring Mareeba’s first try, followed by teammate Cain Hastie.

Being the biggest highlight in his career so far, the 2022/23 FNQRL season is one Dally will never forget.

“To be honest, this was probably one of my biggest highlights in my senior career so far,” he said. 

“We went from being almost in last place last year to playing the premiers in the semifinals.

“It was an awesome feeling, and I couldn’t have been more proud of all the boys, and it couldn’t have been a better year for them to let me lead them.”

Heading into the next season, Dally hopes to lead the team once again and hopes to see them into a grand final. 


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