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23 December, 2023

See our world through Sinclair’s lens

WHEN Bob Sinclair picked up a camera for the first time, he had no idea his shots would become a viral sensation on Facebook.

By Ellie Fink

See our world through Sinclair’s lens - feature photo

From capturing the brilliant colours of summer sunsets to the magical waterfalls that define the Tablelands, Bob has a unique eye for details that would be missed by many. 

It all started after a workplace accident put a stop to his truck driving career. 

Left with more time on his hands than ever before, he decided it was time to chase his dreams as a photographer. 

“Although I had always had a passion for it, life sometimes doesn’t always go the way it does,” he said. 

“I ended up getting a payout and basically said, ‘Well, okay, now is the time I can go buy a decent camera’.

“That was almost 10 years ago now.”

Purchasing himself a Nikon DA50, Bob took to Google and YouTube to seek out different techniques and settings to help make his photographs pop. 

Taking himself out across the Tablelands almost every day, he quickly fell in love with the art and began sharing it on Facebook. 

His passion for where he lives radiates through each image, with a keen eye for the hidden beauties of the Tablelands. 

Among Bob’s favourite subjects are sunrises, animals and waterfalls. His photographs of the sun setting over the Tablelands' vast expanse capture the magic of dawn, painting the sky in hues of pink, orange, and purple. 

The mesmerising waterfalls, frozen in time through his lens, showcase the power and grace of nature. 

“There is solitude and peace in waterfalls and sunrises, and everybody loves that beauty,” he said. 

“I try and get out at 4am most days to go chase sunrises and waterfalls.”

What makes Bob’s photography stand out among the thousands of photographers across the region is his unique eye for details. 

Where a fallen branch or grey cloud would look like nothing special to the regular person, Bob sees the art it can create in just a click. 

“It’s just a knack I have. You have to have an eye for it, and I think I see things differently to most people,” he said. 

“Especially with my camera in my hand, I can find an old fence post that just so happens to be in the right direction, and most people wouldn’t even look twice at it.

“It’s my passion and all I do now, so it’s easier to spot things the more you do it.”

Dedicated to the photo, Bob has run into many challenges getting in the way of his shot, but not a tick or scratch can stop him from capturing the perfect moment. 

“The other I had a tick on me while taking pics, and I ended up having to go down to the doctors to get injections because it was a paralysis tick,” he said. 

“I always go the extra mile to get the right picture, I even went to Tchupala Falls early in the morning to capture the full moon. 

“I did the walk in the dark, and it was a great shot, but gosh, there are some spooky critters out there in the dark black rainforest!

“The shot afterwards, though, was worth it.”

Bob Sinclair Photography became a sensation online, with thousands of people liking, commenting on, and sharing his images across their own networks. 

A poinciana tree near Millaa Millaa.
A poinciana tree near Millaa Millaa.
Wallacha Falls.
Wallacha Falls.

"There is solitude and peace in waterfalls and sunrises, and everybody loves that beauty” 

His Facebook page now has over 11,000 images captured from across the Tablelands and beyond.

Selling his art very cheap, Bob doesn’t care about profits, only that his art is able to brighten someone’s day.

“The support is amazing, you know, the butchers in Malanda have my photos up on the front door, and Nightingale Real Estate have them all over their office – there’s quite a few around now,” he said.

“It’s a hobby that I have turned into helping people, and I like to help people, so if someone wants a nice picture and they’re doing it a bit hard, I don’t mind helping them. 

“I think I charge like $15 an image or something … When you help people, it comes back to you.”

Bob is now dedicated to improving his skills and sharing his talents with his followers, putting smiles on their faces every day. 

Follow Bob’s journey on Facebook – Bob Sinclair photography. 

A waterfall near Toowoomba.
A waterfall near Toowoomba.

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