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19 July, 2023

Seminar inspires martial artists

MARTIAL arts students from Yama-No Seirei Budo had the opportunity to meet and learn Japanese Ju Jitsu and swordsmanship from two experts in the art during a recent three day seminar.

Seminar inspires martial artists - feature photo

Students from across the Tablelands came together in Mareeba and Tolga to learn from 7th Dan ju jutsu and head of Shinkendo Australia Shihan Howard Quick and head instructor of Senjutsu Ryu Ju jitsu Mount Gambia Sensei Dave Grassi. 

Sensai Dave Thomas said the seminar was a success and helped his students develop a variety of skillsets needed in martials arts and everyday life. 

“It was an absolute success, and we had some many students from across the Tablelands and Mareeba involved,” he said. 

“They were there to balance, movement and many things that have role in many general aspects of life.

“I have a few older students, in their 50s, and they benefit from the movement and the self-defence and drills that create balance.

“It was an incredibly successful seminar; everybody was happy and it was just great to have two martial artist up here from two different parts of the country.”

Spending time learning the art of swordsmanship and focusing on their movements and balance, Sensai Thomas hopes to host more seminars in the future to help his students grow. 

Yama-No Seirei Budo hopes to open its doors to new students over time. Those interested can contact Sensai Thomas through the “Yama-No Seirei Budo Martial Arts” Facebook page.


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