5 May, 2023

Sharing culture through song

A LOCAL First Nations artist Djawarray, also known as uncle Bertie Riley, will be releasing his highly anticipated EP “Binal” on 26 May, with the album sharing stories from his Djabugay and Western Yalanji heritage.

Sharing culture through song - feature photo

Djawarray has collaborated with Koahlition Reggae Band to bring ancestral First Nations song lines to the forefront, captivating audiences with songs that embody cultural identity and vitality.

The EP's title, "Binal," is the Western Yalanji term for "understand”, however it has multiple meanings which cannot be described in language alone.

Djawarray best describes Binal as "understanding your pathway, where you are from, and acknowledging the country you stand on. Listening, comprehending, thinking about, recognising, realising, and reconciling the law of the land".

Djawarray is well-regarded for his lead-ership of Mayi Wunba dance troupe and music among the local community, with powerful song lines that convey the emo-tion and spirit of the Dreamtime or The Dreaming.

Djawarray's music passes down and pays respect to the stories of self, culture, values, symbols, information, and laws that were shared with him by his elders through yarns, song and dance. 


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