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9 March, 2023

Shire to develop plan to manage flying foxes

A NEW long-term flying fox management plan will be developed by Douglas Shire Council to address a growing flying fox roost in Port Douglas after local residents raised major concerns about the increased noise, smell and disruption.

Shire to develop plan to manage flying foxes - feature photo

Mayor Michael Kerr put forward the motion at last week’s ordinary council meeting, asking that council act on the complaints received by residents by using approved methods of the Department of Environment and Science Flying-fox roost management guidelines, provide treatment to the trees bordering resident’s properties and develop the new management plan.

The report presented to council detailed how residents on Old Port Road in Port Douglas have dealt with the flying-foxes since 2017 but recently the roost has expanded and moved onto the Western side of the road.

Some residents complained that they have been unable to sleep due to the constant noise and called on the council for action.

Port Douglas is situated in an Urban Flying-Fox Management Area and council was advised on the codes and guidelines to do with managing flying-foxes which helped them develop the new management plan.

Councillors resolved in the meeting to apply for funding through the Department of Environment and Science to help council effectively manage the roost.

If the funding application is unsuccessful, council will allow residents of the Lakes Estate to apply for a permit for flying-fox management on the street. Council will lodge an application and provide further updates when more details are available.


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