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16 November, 2022

Solution for Croydon food problems

IT is currently costing residents in Croydon $7.30 for 3L of milk compared to the $4.90 a person from Atherton would pay, with the remote community continuing to face food shortages and price hikes every day.

These price hikes have hit the locals of Croydon hard, with many residents left with little nutrition and Gulf Savannah NRM are looking at ways to tackle the issue.

There are only two general stores remaining in the rural town and many families end up travelling 460km to Atherton, to buy bulk.

With support from a Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal grant, NRM has delivered four workshops ranging from backyard aquaponics and beekeeping, to worm farms and drought resilient gardening, to help Croydon locals develop food self-reliance in the harsh, dry-tropical climate of the Gulf.

Now, they are calling on local farmers from the Tablelands and surrounding areas to help out by asking local businesses in Croydon, as well as the wider Gulf region and the Tablelands, if they would consider extending services or delivery routes to Croydon and the Gulf region.

For more information, contact Sarah Rizvi on 0439 659 866 or email


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