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24 April, 2024

Special store sale a sensational success

A DECISION to host the Mareeba Combined Agents Special Store Sale on a Saturday proved to be a resounding success, with a substantial rise in both cattle numbers on offer and the volume of attendees at the Mareeba Saleyards.

By Brigitte Daley

Special store sale a sensational success - feature photo

A sale has not been conducted at the Mareeba Saleyards on a Saturday for a significant period of time.

Consisting of Prophurst, Queensland Rural, Nutrien Ag Solutions and Elders, Mareeba Combined Agents was formed to provide a collaboration between agencies selling at the North Queensland Saleyard facilities in Mareeba.

On Saturday 13 April, agents yarded a total of 1,474 head drawn from Lakeland, Dimbulah, Mutchilba, Silkwood, Innisfail, Ravenshoe, Innot Hot Springs and local areas.

The yard averaged 246.7c/kg, averaging $694.00/head, with yearling steers between 200-300kg the top pick at the sale with the maximum price getting out to 330.2 cents.

Mareeba Combined Agents president and Prophurst sales agent and auctioneer Ian Bradford said it was a great event.

“There were people present at Saturday’s sale who had not attended any of the previous sales held earlier in the year,” Ian said.

“More people have the opportunity to attend on a Saturday. The sale was very well supported by both vendors and buyers, especially with the interest shown by the buyers and the general public.”

Queensland Rural Livestock specialist Luke Hickmott said the sale was trialled to gauge the additional number of people who could attend with the sale being held on a Saturday instead of on a work day.

“It went really, really well and exceeded all expectations,” Luke said.

“It was a great credit to vendors, the local and southern buyers and to everyone involved. In the future there will be more sales held on a Saturday.”

Nutrien Ag Solutions Livestock agent and auctioneer Rowan Hoffman said it was a very strong sale. 

“The quality of cattle that were yarded by the Combined Agents was outstanding,” Rowan said.

“It was great to see a competitive buying panel and quality lines of cattle on offer. Previously, due to wet weather, challenges have arisen in assembling lines of quality cattle.

“The few days of finer weather that we had prior to the sale allowed the yard to dry out which made for perfect conditions on the Saturday.

“There was a strong attendance by local buyers and the four major southern buyers which made for great competition and put a real floor in the market.

"The large quantity of livestock on offer was what drew the southern buyers to attend.

“It was really good to have a lot of competition between the local and the southern buyers.

“I would really like to thank all the local vendors for bringing cattle which made this sale such a great success."

Elders Livestock Agent Russell Smerdon said there were good runs of Brahmans and crossbred heifers on offer with a wide range of breeds and crosses on offer.

“There was a good run of Mount Mulligan Station Brahmans," Russell said.

“There were also a lot of crossbred cattle on the day, including Droughties and Brangus. The majority of cattle were bought locally with the remainder going to southern buyers.

“There was a very strong turnout for the sale. On the day, the market was strong with plenty of competition.”

IMAGES: Erica Sullivan
IMAGES: Erica Sullivan


• A pen of eight heifers on A/c A Crowther made 238.2c, weighing approximately 260kg, returning $622.30 per head

• A pen of eight steers on A/c K Fielder made 316.2c, weighing approximately 268kg, returning $845.84 per head

• One yearling bull on A/c R & R White made 250c, weighing approximately 290kg, returning $725 per head

• Total yarding was 1474 head with 29 sold at open auction. Yard averaged 246.73c/kg to return an average of $694.00/hd

• 31 bulls averaged 246.5c/kg selling to a top of 250.2c/kg

• 11 cows averaged 188.2c/kg selling to a top of 188.2c/kg

• 293 heifers averaged 219.5c/kg selling to a top of 242.2c/kg

• 631 steers averaged 267.3c/kg selling to a top of 316.2c/kg

• 20 micks averaged 241.2c/kg selling to a top of 250c/kg

• 258 yearling heifers averaged 212.2c/kg selling to a top of 274.2c/kg

• 201 yearling steers averaged 272.2c/kg selling to a top of 330.2c/kg


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