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Bulls back to training

The Mareeba Bulls have been chomping at the bit to get back out on the field and prepare for their upcoming July season start

The Mareeba Bulls have been at the gates leading up to the start of their shortened 2021 soccer season with their return to training four weeks ago.

There has been a stagnated return to training with some players slowly trickling back in with some still wary about the current world wide pandemic.

The majority of the divisions within the Mareeba Bulls returned to full on training on June 9 in preparation for their 2021 season to start in mid-July.

The start of training has seen the bulls focus on more technical skills and fitness as they still have to comply with the current restrictions and social distancing.

Mareeba Bulls President Remo Terranova is excited to be back at training and says the Bulls are raring to go.

“The committee and the players are all very excited to start playing again and forget all about the hard times currently going on,” he said.

“The community support has been really good and we have been able to keep the club above the water.

“Hopefully with everything that has happened people will start to realise the importance of community sport and will come out and support their town’s teams.”

The 2021 season has been reduced to a two round season in order to fit the season in this late in the year, there are also talks about a possible champion’s league to give the players more time on the field.

The Mareeba Bulls have even recruited the help of Brad Howard to give their goal keepers a leg up in the coming season and better improve them as players.

Brett Howard who is a coach at Professional Goalkeeper Tuition Cairns was enlisted by the Bulls before COVID-19 really struck down in Australia.

Due to the pandemic Brett was unable to coach the Bulls keepers but now has been coaching them and assisting with their development.

“The old days of just standing in the goal and delivering the ball are gone, now we teach how and why we deliver the ball to certain players and with purpose,” he said.

“With this kind of a mentality change the goalkeeper becomes so much more and can assist his team in offence.

“Field players can now rely on their goalkeeper and trust in him allowing the field players to play with more freedom.”

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