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13 February, 2024

Strong start to first store cattle sales of the year

THE first major cattle sales of the year at both Innisfail and Malanda earlier this month have been described as “strong” by both buyers and sellers, showing signs that 2024 will be a better year for producers.

By Brigitte Daley

Strong start to first store cattle sales of the year - feature photo

Queensland Rural Livestock specialist Luke Hickmott said both sales were strong compared to markets at the end of 2023.

Queensland Rural yarded a total of 174 store cattle (76 steers, 88 heifers, 8 cows and 2 mickeys) at their Innisfail Sale on 2 February and a total of 293 store cattle (175 steers and 118 heifers) at their Malanda Sale on the following day.

The Malanda sale drew a yarding from many local Tableland areas such as Malanda, Tarzali, Atherton, Peeramon, Kairi and Mareeba.

The Innisfail sale drew its yarding locally from Mena Creek, East Palmerston, Cardwell, Woopen Creek, Tully, Vasa Views, Nerada, South Johnstone, Moresby, Bingil Bay, Silkwood and also from Mt Garnet and Ravenshoe.

The Malanda sale featured a significant presence of flatback crossbred cattle.

In comparison, the Innisfail cattle comprised of good lines of Brangus, Charolais, Droughtmaster, Senepol and Brahmans from within the local area.

Queensland Rural Malanda Store Cattle Sale auctioneer Jacko Shephard said the cattle were very well presented and put together.

“The cattle today were a credit to the vendors,” he said.

Mr Hickmott agreed.

“The first Malanda Store Sale for 2024 saw quality pens of steers and heifers on offer with a generous number of buyers and spectators in attendance,” Mr Hickmott said.

“Malanda had a very strong sale with a lot of flatback crossbreed cattle on offer.

“Queensland Rural is very happy with all the support from the vendors, buyers and spectators throughout the entire process.

“A special thank you to the Malanda Show Society for allowing us to use the facilities.”

Mr Hickmott said all cattle sold at the Innisfail Store Sale stayed within the local area.

“Good lines of crossbred cattle were the highlight of the night for the steers at the Innisfail Store Sale,” he said.

“The excellent lines of grey Brahmans were the standout for the heifers.”

Mr Hickmott feels that the market will get stronger over the next three months although it is unknown to what extent.

“It is great to see our locals supporting each other,” he said.

“We got off to a good start in 2024.

“We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming store sales this year.”

At the Malanda sale, a total of 175 steers were up for grabs, their weights ranging from 200kg to 380kg. Prices ranged from $440 to $1,160 per head, with an average price of $759.71.

Innisfail had 76 steers in the weight range of 180kg to 400kg, which sold for prices ranging from $510 to $970 per head. The average price was $695.92.

Malanda had 118 heifers which ranged in weight from 180kg to 350kg. Prices ranged from $360 to $850 with the average price being $557.46.

Innisfail, in comparison, had 88 heifers ranging in weight from 180kg to 350kg. Prices ranged from $360 to $710 with the average price being $486.14.

In Innisfail’s additional cattle categories there were eight cows ranging in weight from 340kg-490kg which sold from $500 to $770 per head with the average price being $585.

Two mickeys ranging in weight from 280kg - 340kg sold from $570 to $640 per head with the average price being $605.

Highlights of the Malanda Store Sale included a pen of five Droughtmaster steers on A/c D & N Nasser making $1,160 per head, weighing approx. 280kg; a pen of five Brangus steers on account S Stockman made $1,070 per head, weighing approx. 300kg; a pen of five Charbray heifers on A/c Topaz Gold made $850 per head, weighing approx. 300kg and a pen of 8 Senepol heifers on A/c A & K Pons made $820 per head, weighing approx. 280kg.

Highlights of the Innisfail Store sale included Jillett Family Trust Droughtmaster feeder steers making $970 per head, weighing approx. 300kg; a pen of four Brangus cross steers on A/c CK Livestock made $780 per head, weighing approx. 260kg; Butcher Cows got out to $770, on A/c Yerra Glen Farming, weighing approx. 490kg; a Speckle park heifer A/c G O’Shea made $710 per head, weighing approx. 350kg and seven Brahman heifers weighing approx. 160kg topped at $540 per head on A/c K & T Lucey.

The cattle market has lifted significantly during the first week of February for all indicators.

The Eastern States Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) is an indicator of general cattle markets in Australia.

It is calculated based on a seven-day rolling price average of young cattle prices (vealer and yearling heifers and steers 200-400kg liveweight, scores C2 and C3) expressed in cents per kilogram carcase (or dressed) weight (c/kg cwt).

The EYCI sources data from 23 saleyards in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria and showed the price lifted by 23¢ to 667¢/kg carcase weight (cwt) in the first week of February.

The National Feeder Steer Indicator is a seven-day rolling average of steers from all saleyards across Australia. It is expressed in cents per kilogram live weight (c/kg lwt) and is rounded to two decimal points.

The Feeder Steer Indicator lifted by 98¢ to 350¢/kg live weight (lwt) (2 February).

In 2023, Australia exported a total volume of 1.84 million shipped weight tonnes of red meat to over 100 countries worth a record $17.08 billion for the 12 months ending November 2023.

 The next Innisfail Store Cattle Sale will be held on Friday 1 March commencing 6.30pm at the Innisfail Showgrounds.

The next Malanda Store Cattle Sale will be held on Saturday 2 March commencing 9am at the Malanda Showgrounds.


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