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4 July, 2024

Students delve into the drone world

MALANDA State School STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) students had the chance to dream big and explore pioneering technology at Bega’s Malanda Dairy Factory last Friday.

STEM students at Malanda State School being shown how to use a drone.
STEM students at Malanda State School being shown how to use a drone.

One of the trip's highlights was the captivating drone display by Stephen Biggs from NQ AgriDrones, shedding light on the intricate programming behind a 100kg drone and its role in paddock weed control.


Stephen's demonstration showcased the capabilities of drones and the students to delve into the potential applications of technology in modern agriculture. 

Taking part in a live demonstration of spraying water sparked discussions among the students about the transformative impact such innovations could have on farming practices in their local community.

At the end of the drone demonstration, Emma from Bega talked to students about the needs of local farmers for cutting-edge technology. 

She identified safety, speed and efficiency as key reasons for the adoption of these technologies in our community. 

Students were then treated to a visit to the science labs inside the milk factory for an explanation of the chemistry processes involved in milk production and quality control, providing valuable insights into the dairy industry.

"We are immensely grateful to Stephen from NQ AgriDrones and Emma from Bega for their willingness to share their time and knowledge with our students," Malanda State School STEM teacher Greg Lanyon said. 

"Their insights have not only broadened our students' horizons but have also inspired them to explore the endless possibilities that technology holds for our local community.”


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