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4 June, 2022

Students reunite for top night at the Top Rail

A GROUP of 30 revellers from all walks of life reunited for a formal dinner and a night of pampering, at The Top Rail restaurant in Malanda last Saturday to commemorate their 35-year Malanda High School reunion.

Students reunite for top night at the Top Rail - feature photo

Travelling from Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and all over Queensland, the graduating class of 1987 put in a big effort to get together for the weekend of celebration, that kicked off with a Friday night catch up at the Peeramon Hotel.

 On Saturday morning, the group took a walk down memory lane and marvelled at the changes that had occurred during a guided tour of their old school. 

Many new classrooms catered for the almost doubled population of students who now attended the sought-after institution. 

Group spokesperson Jane English said the weekend “was a beautiful gathering of old school mates celebrating wonderful memories”. 

“We had heaps of memorabilia on display, which caused us great embarrassment, but also delivered us loads of laughs. 

“I am happy to report that though we have all gone our separate ways out in the world, none of us seem to have actually grown up. 

“We still giggled like the young school kids we used to be, made a whole new set of memories together and just had the best weekend.”


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